Submission and Femininity

I don't always feel more submissive when dressed in women's clothes, but most of the time I do.  I suppose I'm the product of my upbringing that women are supposed to be the weaker sex and adopt more docile and secondary roles in our society, acquiescing to their husbands  and boyfriends.  Times have certainly changed and I think there are more men like me comfortable in adopting these types of roles.  We just happen to enjoy crossdressing as well!

Diane can be quite dominant but not in a "hard" sort of way.  She's not much into bondage, heavy pain and those types of things associated with many aspects of BDSM and D/s.  There are many times when I wish she enjoyed some of these things but I totally understand that it's just not her.  Her dominance over me includes feminization along with a softer but very controlling approach, with a healthy dose of humiliation and more recently, cuckolding thrown in for variety.

That doesn't mean a sissy can't fantasize right?  Whenever I see a woman dressed in lovely lingerie or other classy feminine finery and in a very submissive pose, I can't help but dream about being in her position; at the hands of a dominant man who is ready to use me in any way he wants.  I'm there as his obedient slut, ready to do his bidding and be his toy.

Today, I came across such a photo on tumblr and wanted to share it with you.  This photo just does it for me in several ways.  I fantasize about what took place before the picture was snapped, as well as what is about to happen.  The collar, leash and bound wrists seem so well synchronized.  The mystery Dom can't be seen, yet his presence is so powerfully felt.  He tugs the leash with one hand and toys with her silky thong with another.  If she's as submissive as I am, she is probably at the point of orgasm  just as this photo is being snapped.