Cuckolding, then Sissy Sex

The whole cuckolding dynamic seemed to intensify for both Diane and I as a result of her meeting with Brian on Wednesday.  I sat down and tried to put together a post yesterday but just couldn't seem to concentrate.  Wednesday evening was both emotionally difficult yet perversely satisfying to me.  Perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with was that Diane seemed almost blissful about the evening.

At about the time I thought they'd be halfway through their romantic encounter, my cell phone rang while I was on the practice putting green at a nearby driving range and practice facility.  Diane called and asked how I was doing and what time I expected to be home.  I told her I'd be there around 7 PM as planned.  "Eight o'clock sounds great" she said, and added an "I love you too" before hanging up.  I couldn't help but wonder if Brian had gotten there late, or if they just wanted more time together?

I haven't had the opportunity (sometimes I really wish I would) to talk with others in even remotely similar situations to mine.  I thought that after seeing Brian and having enjoyable sex with him, Diane would be more subdued, distant and probably even cold towards me in the immediate aftermath of their time together.  Wednesday was nothing like that.  Instead I got home a little after 8 PM, Diane appeared invigorated, happy and content.  Content with what had happened, but not content in that she didn't want more fun.

"Pretty yourself up upstairs and I'll be there in a minute" was what she greeted me with.  She was dressed in a dark purple satin robe I had bought her for her birthday a few years ago.  She looked like a woman who had just had sex.  A peck on the cheek and I was on my way to our bedroom.

I ignored the signs of sex that were all around.  The rumpled bed, her bra and panties that had been tossed on the floor next to what was usually my side of the bed.  There was one used condom on the nightstand, again on my side.  On a chair in a corner of the room lay the nightie I had set out for her on the bed.  I wondered if she had even used it.  I undressed and was slipping on a pink camisole with matching tap pants when I heard her coming up the stairs.

"It's your turn to get some cock tonight honey" she said with a smile, "but first, you know what you have to do."

I did know.  She went to the bed, laid on her back,  opened her robe and spread her legs.  "Go down on me and lick my well fucked pussy" she said in her most dominant voice.  She came so quickly that she held my head there for another orgasm.  I wondered how many that was for her that night?

When I had satisfied, it was time for her to have a little fun with me.  "Get ready" was all she said.  She went into our walk-in closet and got her strap-on and leather harness.  She walked back with a tube of lubricant and had me help her with the harness. 

"Get on all fours.  I want to take you the same way Brian took me tonight."  The words were sharp and stinging.  Short and to the point, they summarized the direction our relationship had taken in recent months and weeks.

No sooner had I gotten into position I heard her open the tube of lube and start applying it to her rubber dildo and then to my ass.  Laughingly, she said "I'm sorry, I forgot to make you suck it first.  I'm sure you're disappointed.  I'll just fuck you longer.  Ok honey?"

I was shocked by her attitude and by how much fun she was having, how much she seemed to be enjoying all of this.  "Ready?" she asked.  A slap on my ass reminded me that she expected an answer.  "Yes, I am" I said.  Another slap, this one much harder.  "Yes what?"  I got it right this time.  "Yes, Mistress."  I felt the tip of her cock make contact with my bottom.

Diane wasn't particularly rough.  She never is.  Sometimes, she just fucks me harder than others.  Last night was one of those times and in addition, as promised she did it longer.  She takes extreme care not to hurt me during her initial penetration and has the ability to sense when I am comfortable and begins to get into her groove. 

With her hands on my hips she told me how much she loved making love to her "wife" and how well I responded to her lovemaking.  "I thoroughly enjoy sissy sex with you terri" she told me, "and it's even better knowing how much you enjoy it as well." 

When she told me how Brian had taken her in the very position she was taking me, I couldn't control myself any longer.  I came with abandon and she slid in and out of me even harder.  "That's it honey, cum just like I did, cum like a good girl."  I collapsed but Diane had other ideas.  She pulled me back up and continued to do slide in and out of me.  The fucking continued for several more minutes until she said she had had enough.

Only then did she take me into her arms and kiss me deeply.  We had plenty to talk about before we finally got to sleep that night.