Vanilla Friends

It's a quiet Saturday evening here and we're expecting some very vanilla friends over tonight in a few minutes.  We'll have a glass of wine then head out to dinner.  I wonder what it would be like to have friends with similar sexual tastes to ours.  Perhaps a few couples where the wife is dominant, or even a little bit of a mix where some of the males might be the dominant partner.

In any event, Dick and Jackie are probably the least likely to be kinky friends we have.  But one never knows I suppose.  Maybe they really go wild in the privacy of their home.  Doubt it very much though, since I don't think any even remotely sexual topic has ever come up when we've been with them.

I wonder what they would think if they knew what I'm wearing underneath my khaki Dockers and LL Bean shirt and navy blue blazer.  The sports bra Diane chose for me is hardly noticeable even without the blazer.  I love the pink color and it goes well the the pink ruffled panties I'm wearing.

If you run your hands over my bottom, you can feel the ruffles.  When Jackie arrives I know I'll be giving her a hug.  But she's the last person I'd expect to run her hands over my ass!