Sissy Masturbation and Milking

It has been a very long time since I played with myself using the method I'd used for so many years.  Specifically, like most other men, I would grasp my penis in my right hand, wrap it around the penis and begin stroking up and down.  Sometimes I would also hold a soft pair of panties in my hand to provide a different sensation.  But for the most part the grip, motion and sensation was the same.

All that changed a few years ago when Diane had a different plan for me.  There would be no more "closed fisted pumping" for this sissy. 

Instead, Diane's milking would consist of softly running her fingers and massaging the underside of my cock, with special attention to the area directly below the head.  Sometimes, she would also grip it a bit more firmly by securing it with her thumb as well.  From that point on, I was told that I would no longer be able to use the closed fisted method, instead rubbing my cock with middle and pointing fingers on my right hand.  It was what Diane called the "sissy masturbation" technique.   No doubt, it is much more feminine and sensually soft than what I had done before.

Two things happened in the past couple of weeks that reminded me of the change and prompted me to write about it.

First, I had struck up an online conversation with another sissy who is in a very similar situation as I am, living as a sissy wife for his dominant wife.  Surprisingly we discovered that our masturbation techniques were very, very similar.  My friend "D" also finds this method to be much more feminine and like me, suffers the embarrassment of having to do this in front of his wife.

The second incident which prompted me to write about it happened a few days ago when I read a post on the Chris Bellows Bedtime Reader blog.  Chris Bellows is a nom-de-plume for an erotic writer whose works focus on pretty hard core D/s with plenty of Female Domination.  I think he's a very creative writer and I suggest you check out his blog.

The post I read prompted me to go back and look at an earlier posting it referred to which had a link to a very erotic video of a Mistress milking a male.  The method by which she performed the task was shockingly similar to what Diane uses on me.  It's a sensual process (not always slower though depending on my state of arousal and her verbal teasing) for both parties, particularly compared to the way I used to masturbate.

To paraphrase Diane,  "The hard pumping with your full hand is the way real men masturbate, not sissies."  It's one of many ways she likes to point out that I'm different.

I'm sure most men prefer the more common method, but for sissies like "D" and I, sissy masturbation fits us so femininely well.