A Sissy Bimbo

The word "bimbo" is a derogatory term for a woman.  Although, there may be some women who enjoy being called that.  So is the word "sissy" when referring to an effeminate man.  Likewise, there are those of us who enjoy carrying that moniker.

The first time I was called a "sissy bimbo" was only the second time I had sucked a man's cock.  It was the second time I was with Rob.  The first time, which I related here, he called me a sissy faggot and forced me to finish sucking his cock when I started to pull away and said I couldn't go through with it.  I'm glad he did what he did.  I went back for more.

The next time we met at his house, he had laid out some things he wanted me to wear while I sucked his cock.  They belonged to his wife and they were obviously not things that she would wear around the house or in bed every day.  I even wore one of her bras and stuffed the cups with some of her panties and pantyhose to give me full breasts.  I don't remember what her cup size was, but she was very, very well endowed.  There was a blonde wig, some makeup, a tight fitting skirt and blouse, and even a little costume jewelry.

My makeup expertise then was pretty poor, but I struggled through it.  When I was done, Rob had me down on my knees and held my chin as I looked up at him.  "You look like a real bimbo" he told me.  "A sissy bimbo."

I looked up the definition of bimbo and though there are several, here's one that I believe describes the feelings I experienced when being called that: 


Noun:  An attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object.

A Bimbo Look
I may not have been attractive to the average onlooker, but I know Rob definitely liked the way I looked.  I definitely felt empty headed, and I was 42 years young.   I was also perceived, and was, a very willing sex object.

I sucked Rob twice that day, the second time dressed in one of his wife's short and lacy nightgowns.  I felt like a bimbo once again.  He called me that several times, knowing that the words got me very excited.

After he had cum twice, he let me play with myself while laying on their bed.  I came in the panties I had brought with me just to make sure I didn't mess the sheets.  As I played with myself, Rob made me tell him that I loved being his sissy bimbo.  It's funny how words can get someone so excited.

I've been thinking about those words and that episode the past few days.  When I see Ken this summer, I want to dress like a sissy bimbo for him.  He already knows that I'm a very willing sex object for him.