A Surpised Cuckold

I walked into a cuckold scene Tuesday night when I got home.  No, I didn't "catch" Diane in bed with Brian, but the feeling was almost the same.

I had just returned from a meeting with the company I will be consulting for and it was shortly after 6 PM.  Diane had left me a voice message to remind me she would be home a little later than usual.  She always attends a dinner meeting during the last week of the month.

On the island in the kitchen was a note from Diane that read:

"Didn't make the bed when I left for the office today.  That's your job anyway.  Make sure to change the sheets also.  Love, Diane"

Not a big deal.  I never expected her to make the bed before she went to work.  I also didn't expect the scene I found when I got upstairs.

Once again, on the nightstand on my side of the bed was a used condom and its wrapper.  Pillows were strewn about, with two sitting in the middle of the bed amidst some crumpled sheets and two others on the floor on what is usually Diane's side.  A black nightie and matching thong panties also sat on the bed.  It wasn't the nightgown that Diane had worn the night before.

Probably the most disturbing evidence was in the bathroom, where two large bath towels lay on the tile floor.  It was evidently clear that Brian and Diane had showered together.

I cleaned everything up and changed the sheets as I was told.  When Diane got home just before 8, the sheets had already been in the wash and were now in the dryer.  I sat reading the newspaper when she came in and gave me a kiss.  "You're pretty efficient" she said, "already drying the sheets."

I didn't say anything and Diane could tell I was upset.  We didn't talk for the better part of an hour until I finally told her I wished she would have told me Brian was coming over.  This led to a sometimes heated discussion about her decision to "surprise me" rather than let me know in advance about her meetings with Brian.

Eventually, we resolved the issue.  I understand her point a view a little better now.  I apologized for the way I had acted. 

Submissive cuckolds never bargain from a position of strength.