Bra and Panty Nights

Every so often, usually at the end of a very long and tiring week for the two of us, Diane would call me at the office and suggest that we have a "bra and panty night."  What that meant was that the two of us would come home, take a relaxing shower or bath and put on one of our favorite bra and panty sets and just lounge on the living room floor in front of our fireplace with a glass of wine and enjoy one another.

I'd spend much of the evening kissing Diane all over with special attention to certain body parts.  She would enjoy this immensely and get a few orgasms out of it as well.  I'd sometimes have a hard time restraining myself from coming as well, and would actually have an orgasm as I licked her.  But usually, after having had her own fill of satisfaction, she lovingly stroke my penis through the panties as she teased me with some erotic talk.

I wasn't going to blog today but about an hour ago Diane called me from her office and said "Let's have a bra and panty night tonight.  It's been a long time."

The call made my day.  It has been a long week in some ways.  She also said I could go shopping this afternoon to buy each of us a new bra and panty set if I wanted to.  I got the hint.  I think she'd be very disappointed if she didn't have something new and sexy to wear for tonight's "Bra and Panty Night."