My Easter Dress

Several years ago, Diane had me buy a little girls dress online from a department store.  She figured if I bought something in a "Girls Plus" size it would fit me pretty well.  She was correct.  The yellow dress with the floral pattern fit me very well, even though it was a little tight.  To finish off the dress, she had me buy a petticoat from another website that specializes in clothing for crossdressers, and it was, and still is one of my favorite outfits.

A few months after I got the dress, my responsibilities at work changed dramatically and I ended up working long hours and working out less.  I put on some weight and the dress no longer fit well.  I took a couple promotions and things got worse insofar as my weight (I wasn't fat or obese, but had put on a few excessive pounds for the first time in my life).  These past couple of years, all that weight and then some is gone and I am once again slim and trim. 

Today, Diane surprised me by taking the dress out of the closet along with the petticoat and had me try it on.  It fit better than when I bought it.

"Guess what we're wearing this Easter?" she asked me in a very condescending tone.  "Wouldn't we love to show off our sissy petticoats" she continued.

She had me curtsey for her and spin around so the petticoat could reveal my panties.

"I think some ruffled panties will be in order also.  And I think you might want to post a picture of your outfit on your blog."

Now she really had me blushing.