Cuckold Thoughts

I feel kind of silly about the way I acted the other night.  I've promised Diane that I'd do my best not to act so childish about things in the future.  She has every right to be upset.  We knew up front that there would be some difficult emotions at times and that I would have to deal with them. 

Diane's not into physical punishments.  But last night she said I had come close to getting "slapped or spanked" because of the way I'd acted.  The talk we had last night was under much more reasonable and calmer circumstances.  I wasn't the "emotional sissy" she saw the night before.  She even teased me about spanking me in front of Brian, or even worse, having him do it for her. 

Right after she said that, she ran her hands across my smooth legs (I was wearing a pair of white ladies shorts and a flowered top) and up to my groin.  "You like that thought don't you?" she asked me.  I acknowledged that I did, but realized that the reality of it would be very, very difficult for me.  "Don't worry.  It would be hard for Brian too.  He's not yet ready for something like that" Diane said. 

I couldn't get the thought of such a scene out of my mind.  Spanked by my wife's lover, for some childish behavior.  The idea kept returning to me and each time it did, I would get aroused. 

I really wonder if faced with this in real life how I would react.  Would I run away from it?  Submit to the punishment at the hands of another man who is someone I know, although not that well? 

In many ways, my cuckolding the way it is is just fine.  But in some ways, I want to be a part of it.  Yet, I think that once you're a part of it, and you submit in the way I just described, or something similar, there really is no turning back.