The Bitch Slap

Diane's not one who's into spanking or domestic discipline.  She's spanked me before but just really isn't into it to make it fulfilling for both of us.  It happens only on rare occasions, and not really when she's upset at me for anything.  Sometimes I wish she was into it, but I consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy what I have.

However, yesterday I did something that upset Diane very much.  It took place right here on the blog, at the end of yesterday's post.  I closed the post with a sarcastic "Thanks Diane" which didn't go unnoticed.  Diane reads the blog regularly but has yet to comment.  She'll comment to me at times about what I wrote and has even made a few suggestions.

My closing remark yesterday earned me a slap across the face as soon as she saw me when she got home from the office yesterday.  I heard her come in and say "Where are you?  Get over here now."  I hurried to greet her and as soon as she saw me told me to kneel in front of her and look up at her.  She reared back and slapped me across the face probably as hard as she could have.

"Don't you EVER be fucking sarcastic with me again" she screamed at me.  "Either in my presence or anywhere else.  If you do, I'll bitch slap you so hard you'll feel it for weeks."  She finished it off with one more slap, this time a backhanded one. 

I apologized to her profusely and have removed those sarcastic words from the post.

And let me publicly apologize as well.  There was no need for that comment at all.  I promise never to do anything like that again.