Sissy Punishment

I found myself in a position last night that I've only read about in erotic fiction or on other blogs:  standing in a corner dressed only in a pair of panties at the direction of my wife.  My corner time was a little delayed punishment for my behavior the other night. 

Diane referred to it as "sissy punishment" and said she would use it from now on whenever I misbehaved or acted selfishly.  When she got home, I was told to strip down to just my panties and stand in front of her as she sat on the sofa in the living room.  I wasn't totally en femme because we had plans on going out to dinner, so I only had a few articles of women's clothing to remove in addition to my slacks, shirt and shoes.  When I was down to just my panties, she explained to me why she was doing this and I was no sooner in the corner as she sat on the sofa and turned on the evening news.  "Be still and be quiet" were her simple instructions.

I wasn't there very long before her cell phone rang.  It was Brian.  It immediately occurred to me that Diane had set this all up so that I would be standing in the corner while she took Brian's previously arranged call.  After some small talk and Diane telling Brian that she was free for at least the next half hour, I had to listen to the planning of their next get-together (this Wednesday or Thursday) here at our house, and some rather intimate conversations. 

The conversation turned very sexual when Diane said "Wow....that's fucking hot" in response to something Brian had said.  I could hear Brian's voice and some of its inflections but couldn't make out the exact words.  But from Diane's side of the conversation, it was sometimes pretty easy to understand what he had said. 

For instance, shortly after her comment about something being "fucking hot", her response to one of his questions was "Yes I am....are  you hard?"  He had obviously asked her if she was aroused or wet.  It was obviously the latter when after he must have said he was very hard, she answered "very, very wet.  My panties are getting soaked."

On and on it went and I stood there with an erect penis doing all I could do to stop from playing with myself, yet totally humiliated.  I learned more about their lovemaking antics than I wanted to know.  How Brian enjoys playing with her breasts while she rides his cock when he's laying on his back.  How she enjoys it doggie style, with a hint from Diane that she would like it a little "rougher" at times. 

I am almost positive they discussed the possibility of anal sex, something I have never been allowed to do with Diane.   I can't be 100% positive, but from Diane's side of the conversation, things like "I don't know, maybe we could try it", "we'll see, maybe soon, if you promise to be careful", "no, I've never done it" or "but you're so big!"....what else could it be. 

Then, the conversation seemed to be wrapping up because Brian's wife would apparently be home soon.  They talked up this coming week where Wednesday night might be the best.  Brian must have said that he would have a surprise for Diane because she said "Oh really?  What is it?....Why can't you tell me what it is?"   She then went on to say, obviously for my benefit "Ok...I love surprises anyway.  Some people don't, but I do."

Before they said their goodbyes, Diane said to Brian "I'm still wet.  Just wanted you to know that."  There were no "I love you's", but there was some smooching over the phone before they hung up. 

"You can come out of the corner now" Diane said to me.  "Come stand in front of me."

I walked over to her and she just shook her head when she saw my stiff penis in my panties.  "Looks like my sissy wife enjoyed hearing me talk to my lover" she said as she rubbed me softly.  "Kneel down" she said as she spread her legs and revealed the black panties she was wearing.  "Kiss me between my legs.  I want you to feel the wetness.  I wasn't lying."

She wasn't.  The front panel of the panties were indeed very wet.  I kissed her through the fabric and stayed there until she pushed my head away.  "Lay on the floor and play with yourself for me" she said.  I obeyed and lay back with my knees bent and began to stroke myself with my fingers, sissy style. 

Diane stood directly over me and removed her black panties.  She dropped them right on my face. 

"Smell them" she said.  "It's the smell of a horny wife, aching for a real man."

I came in my own panties as hers lay on my face.  I could feel her wetness as my panties became soaked.

"I hope you're happy now" Diane said.  "At least you won't be surprised about my next meeting with Brian."

She truly is very diabolical.