Spring Cleaning - A Sissy's Job

It's a very busy Monday here since I didn't do any housework this weekend and I'm gone all day tomorrow meeting with the company that offered me that temporary position as a consultant.  In addition to regular housework that I do on a weekly basis, Diane decided that this week would be a good time to start my spring cleaning.

Our house is immaculate, and I work very hard to keep it that way.  Nonetheless, Diane insists that every spring and fall all houses need a good thorough cleaning; all walls, windows and floors need to be washed, and what carpeting we have shampooed.  It's not something I'll finish today but will take me several days to complete.  "Spring cleaning is a a stay at home wife's responsibility" Diane said, adding "or a sissy's job."

It's also not something that you can do in heels, a frilly french maids outfit and petticoats.  Instead, I have rather plain looking pink hotel maids uniform with one of my favorite white pinafore aprons, white tights and some women's tennis shoes with a hint of pink that matches the dress.

I was up early this morning so that I could get dressed and started as soon as Diane was ready to leave for the office.  Before she left, she told me how much I "really looked the part" for the tasks she had assigned me.  "Instead of a consultant's job, you should have applied for a chambermaids position at one of the local hotels" she laughed.

Before she left, she lifted my maids dress to and ran her hands over my butt.  "Let me see what color panties you're wearing" she said.  I bent over a little so she could see the pink panties through the white opaque tights.  "I love your ass when it's in pink panties" she said, "Makes me want to fuck you."

Maybe tonight if I'm lucky.  But i still have plenty of work to do first.