"Sissy Love"

Diane loved the bra and panty set I bought her on Friday.  She said it made her feel so sexy.  I made "sissy love" to her as she calls it several times, licking her to orgasm with each separate effort.   She had used that term some years ago when referring to me going down on her.  She thought it had a nice sound to it, but then all of a sudden stopped using it.

She started using it again one day last week and mentioned it several times on Friday night.  I asked her what prompted her to start using that term again and I didn't get an immediate answer.  She sort of shrugged her shoulders as if to say there was no real reason.  I sensed there was and I asked her again, this time looking at her directly in the eyes and letting her know that she could tell me anything, I would be all right.

Diane admitted that calling it "sissy love" makes it different than the sex she has with Brian.  It's a special thing between her and I and she wants to call it something unique, with special meaning.   Since she started seeing Brian, the contrast between the sex prompted her to start using the term again.

As she told me this, her hand was softly rubbing my penis in my panties and she could tell I was getting aroused.  "When I say it, does it make you feel more like a cuckold?" she asked me.  I told her it did and continued to get aroused.

"Do you like it when I say that?" she said.

Somewhat embarrassed but aroused I said "Yes, I do."

"Then why don't you play with yourself for me.  I'd like that" she said to me as she pushed me down on my back and kissed me deeply.

She got up and knelt beside me and slid my panties off.  "Go ahead, show me how much you enjoy making sissy love to me."

I began to stroke my penis with my fingers like a sissy does.

"Lift your pretty legs and play with yourself like a sissy" Diane said, assisting herself with a few soft touches on the underside of my penis.  It only took a few moments before I came.