Secretarial Duties & Financial Control

I got a job offer  yesterday.  No, it wasn't for a secretary's position, but I thought the title was a little catchy and apropos considering the discussion I had about it with Diane last night.

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a company offering me a temporary and mostly part-time position as a consultant.  They need help in an area where I had expertise.  I've been retired for awhile and with Diane doing very well, a return to work wasn't something I was planning on.  However, the offer was very, very generous and, it will probably be for a 6 to 8 month period.

When I told Diane about it the first thing she said was "Don't you think you'd be better suited for some secretarial work now that you're really getting into this wifey thing?"  There didn't seem to be a hint of humor when she said it either.  I didn't answer, thinking it was just a rhetorical question, then she followed up with a "Well?" 

"I guess I probably would" I answered sheepishly.

She then went on to say that taking the position was fine with her, but that she expected the same level of attention, the same amount of housework and domestic responsibility from me even if I was working.  The only exception would be if I would have to travel.  Otherwise, she said the decision was up to me.

Things changed drastically when I told her the salary.  She stared at me for a moment with a surprised expression and, before she turned away simply told me "You're taking it."

The next phase of our discussion truly surprised me.  She asked me how I would be paid my consulting fees, monthly, bi-weekly, etc.  I hadn't gotten into that level of detail during my discussion with the company, but told her that I thought it would be on a monthly basis.  "I want 85% of the net deposited into my checking account.  You can keep the rest.  I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think I need to have more control of our finances" she said. 

The overwhelming majority of our assets are held jointly, but we do have some separate savings and checking accounts.  But her position on this took me totally by surprise.  She knew it and tried to reassure me that I have nothing to worry about.  It's simply a symbolic thing that's "more befitting to the changes in our relationship."

There was one last stipulation.  "I like what you're doing with the blog" she said "and I wouldn't want that to suffer to much as a result of this new job."

I promised her it wouldn't.



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