Cuckolding - Points to Ponder

If you haven't read Ms. Vanessa Chaland's latest post over at Fetish Furniture Factory on Dominant Women and submissive men, then you're really missing some keen insights into FemDom cuckolding.

No one can explain FemDom relationships and cuckolding quite like Ms. Vanessa.  In this short but powerful posts, She brings forth several important points to ponder.  Here are just a few....

You both understand that emotional attachment can not be overlooked or minimized, but jumping into bed with superior men can be dealt with. Sexual betrayal is not the same as emotional betrayal.

 Your wife is talking to men she sleeps with about how to "handle you" and vice versa. As in maybe how to dominate and/or humiliate you....and whether or not you have to "handle" his dick....or more......should either demand it. 

Sexual cruelty does not mean an absence of love.
Ms. Vanessa's posts are all wonderful, but this one is particularly important.  It's been especially helpful to me.  And to Diane.


sissy terri