A Cuckold's Big Day? Or Big Disappointment?

Being who i am, i'm understandably nervous about today.  It's the day that i get to meet face-to-face with Paul, Diane's lover, for the first time openly as a cuckold.  We've met before in social situations but until very recently, Paul didn't know that i knew about he and Diane.  Today, all that is about to change. 

Wednesday afternoons are their semi-regular weekly "meetings" that take place right her in our home and in our bedroom.  Up until today when they meet on Wednesdays i've either been out of the house or secluded in a distant guest bedroom fully dressed in feminine attire.  If all goes well today i won't have to hide anymore or find somewhere else to go.  Again, that's if all goes well. 

Diane worked very late last night presumably to get things done so She could leave Her office early this afternoon.  She didn't get in until after 8:30, was very tired and quiet.  i came down with a cold while we were on vacation and She seems to be starting one Herself.  i asked if She had seen Paul yesterday and said She did, but they had only talked briefly.

With Diane being so quiet the "elephant in the room" was today's meeting with Paul.  i deferred to Her to bring it up when She was ready, but the wait was killing me.  i finally broke the silence and asked if we were "still on for tomorrow."

"Of course we are" She said emphatically.  "Are you?"

i told Her that i was and was just wondering if anything had changed.

"No, not at all.  I'm just tired and coming down with this cold and lots of work stuff on my mind.  You know how it is." She said.

"Yes, i certainly do" i said.  Having worked in the same profession, i can understand the stress that can accumulate at times.  i was about to ask Her if She thought She felt well enough to meet with Paul tomorrow when She brought up the subject herself.

"About tomorrow, we want you dressed in just regular boy clothes when we get here.  Panties of course underneath and you can wear a bra too.  Paul just thinks it would be less intimidating to start and we just want to get things going with a casual conversation" Diane said. 

"That's fine" i said as i felt some of my anxiety disappear.  Diane cracked a smile.  It was a reassuring one that let me know that things would be all right.  "Do you want me in chastity?" i asked.

"That goes without saying right?  We've already gone through that.  It's in unless you have my permission to be out" She said rather sternly with a slight hint of annoyance that She was simply reiterating what She'd already told me. 

"Yes.  i'll be in chastity when You arrive" i said and quickly corrected myself to say that i would "remain in chastity for Paul's visit."  Diane like that and smiled again.

And so I wait for then to arrive in about 3 or 4 hours.  i've tried to keep busy doing other things but it's hard to concentrate.  i'm happy with their decision to have me dressed in male attire.  It is less intimidating and more relaxed.  i'm happy Paul seems to understand my anxiety and it's an indication that Diane has done an excellent job of explaining things to him.

On the other hand, i hope it's not an indication of something else.  For instance, Paul might not be comfortable with me in feminine attire when he's around.  If he is comfortable, then why wouldn't he want to "set the tone" right away? Could it be that he doesn't mind having his relationship with Diane in the open, but doesn't want me any more involved than i was before?  Or maybe, i'm just over-thinking this way too much.

i'm nervous but i want this to work.  It is a big day for me.  i just hope it doesn't turn out to be a big disappointment.

Oh....and one more thing.  Don't forget today is "Lock your man day."  Or, "Lock your sissy day!" 

i know it's a big day, but i've got something more important going on.

Anyway.....i'm locked...are you?


sissy terri