A Complete Cuckold?

Last night, without sounding malicious or mean yet seasoned with more than a hint of humiliation, Diane pointed out to me that, pending my formal acceptance of Paul's rules, i'm about to experience being a cuckold for the third time since we've been married.

A Cuckold's Progression....
"The first time I had an affair you knew nothing about it until it was more or less over.  Then with Brian you were only minimally involved.   If this works out, your going to be a more fully involved cuckold.  That's quite a progression."  The last line were said with a slightly sarcastic snicker.

i'd thought about it myself the past couple of weeks, just not in these exact terms.  Of course, Diane has a way of capturing the many complexities of a situation and summarizing them so succinctly.  And Her delivery rarely misses its mark.

"You're on your way to becoming the complete cuckold" She finished before sliding closer to me in the bed and giving me a passionate kiss.  i was already feeling myself grow in my CB and the kiss made me even more uncomfortable.  There was no ensuing sex, just some kissing and cuddling before Diane officially called it a night, turned off the lamp on her nightstand, said good night and soon fell asleep.

i on the other hand stayed awake thinking about what She'd said.  i really am a total cuckold.  i've remained faithful to Diane while She's had her three affairs.  Once, i had the opportunity to "cheat on her" with a co-worker.  It was a flirtation between the two of us that had gone on for nearly a year until finally, perhaps sensing that i would never "make the first move" took the initiative and suggested we "get together."  Readers might be fascinated, but not surprised, that the reason i didn't follow through had to do with my panties.  That's right; the panties i was wearing.  This happened at a time when Diane and i had just started getting more serious about Her Dominance over me.  Having me wear panties more often was one of those first things we did as part of that lifestyle.  It's highly unlikely my co-worker was looking to play with a man in panties.  So i remain today, a faithful sissy cuckold.

Diane's comments to me last night also reminded me of a posting on the blog Under Contract to my Wife last Saturday that made reference to an article entitled  What Women Want: A Primer.   The article appeared in "Dame Magazine" (i just love that name!) and goes on to claim that among other things:
  • Monogamy turns women off,
  • Women want to be dominated, perhaps even violently, in their fantasies and...
  • A woman's desire is stoked by sex with strangers, not a devoted soul mate.
Pretty blunt and to the point isn't it?  If you read the article, it may soften it a bit, but not too much.   The article is a review and summary of the book What Women Want by Daniel Bergner which i'msure delves into these and other topics in much greater detail.

Maybe the book should be required reading for wannabe, soon-to-be or even experienced cuckolds.  Women who are thinking about cuckolding their husbands or having just urging to stoke their desires might enjoy it also.  Maybe it would make them feel better to know that they're not the only ones with these dark desires.

i've thought about buying the book myself but, from what i can tell i probably wouldn't discover anything that Diane hasn't already told me.  She just does it in a far more simple and direct manner.


sissy terri