Cuckold Discussions

Last night while enjoying Her second (and last) glass of wine, Diane brought up how many comments were generated by my "Pondering Paul's Rules" post last week.  Though She found all the comments interesting and worth reading, She wasn't surprised that they ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other with everyone offering their own advice or opinion.  She made me promise to let everyone know She says "Thank you."

Diane finds my more emotion-filled posts far more interesting than the others that deal with what She called the more "mundane sissy girly stuff" i often post.   It was a light conversation and my response
was that "i can please some of the people some of the time, but i can't please all of the people all of the time!"  She then reminded me that my main focus should be to please Her all of the time and "to hell with everyone else!"

Returning to the subject of the comments, Diane admitted that many of them made her pause and reflect on the nature of our relationship, the dynamic that Her affair with Paul has created and most importantly the differences between what Her and i have and what She has with Paul.  Diane pointed out that Her submission to Paul when they've been in private is more a kinky type of fun than anything else.  "Outside the bedroom or when we're together for anything else, in now way do ever consider him my dominant.  It's so not me" She said emphatically.

If you recall my meeting with Paul, i was left with the feeling that Diane was far more submissive to him than i had thought.  My feelings were correct, but i was way off the mark to think that it extended beyond their sexual play.  A big mistake on my part according to Diane.

She went on to point out the difference between that, and what She and i have.  "you on the other hand, are submissive to me all the time." She said.  When i didn't say anything, She was quick to add "Right?"  "Of course" was my immediate answer, not that She really needed one.  She reiterated that ours was a lifestyle that we'd grown into and one that She loved and didn't want to lose.  "My submission is a plaything, a fun fantasy that i enjoy, but nothing that I could ever do much more than I do now.  When I do it, it has a beginning and en end to it.  What you and I have" She said, "doesn't."

i loved hearing those words.  They're very helpful to me as i sort through things but i'm almost sure i'm going to go through with this.

We're going to have another meeting with Paul this Friday.  It's going to be here at our house if possible but because of time constraints i may have to meet them somewhere downtown after their workday.  i have a few questions and Paul's more than happy to meet again. 

A little while later Diane asked "You like being my cuckold don't you?"

i nodded and said i did.  If i said anything else i'd be lying.

"I love it too.  At least as much as you do" She said, then after kissing me added "maybe even more."


sissy terri