Sissy Memories

In 1993, the last Sears Catalog was produced.  It certainly marked the end of an era and the dawn of a new one.  The early 90''s will be remembered as the time when the internet just took off and changed the way individuals and organizations conducted commerce and communicated with each other.  The "Mother of all Catalogs" had ceased to exist, only to be replaced by smaller and more specialized catalogs and online merchants.  

Today, there is nothing that you could buy in the old Sears Catalog that isn't available online.  And that's especially true of the merchandise we sissies were most interested in when the Sears Catalog arrived in our mailboxes when we were growing up.  The vintage/retro website Found in Mom's Basement refers to it this way:  Underwear catalog photos: boys' porn from the 1960's.

i was still young in the 1960's but it was in the latter part of that decade that the big catalog that sat in the magazine rack in our den began to interest me.  i couldn't explain why at the time, but i was just as attracted to the section that had pictures of women in bras, slips and panties as i was to those that
had baseball gloves and fishing poles. 

As i entered puberty the catalog became my favorite after-school reading on those days when i'd get home from school and the house was empty.  My older sisters, engaged in some type of extracurricular activity, weren't around to even notice that i might have borrowed a pair of their panties to use as a pretty prop as i perused the lingerie pages of my new favorite book.

In some ways i considered myself very fortunate.  In addition to the typical porn my friends and i were fascinated with, for instance old Playboy or Penthouse magazines their fathers had hidden in the basement somewhere, i had the added benefit of this book that made me feel so good and was also readily available to me.  The book was as easily accessible as the TV Guide, sitting there in plain view for everyone to see.

 Though i loved all the pictures in the lingerie section of the catalog, i certainly had my favorites.  To begin with anything in a pretty pastel color immediately caught my eye.  Black lingerie has always been considered sexy and seductive but for this sissy, it just wasn't girly enough.  All pastels were so much prettier to me, and pink quickly became my favorite and remains so to this day.

i also fell in love with slips.  They were more popular back then and my mom had plenty of them.  Most were in white, but she also had a gorgeous pink full slip that fit me very well.  i loved the feeling of the straps on my shoulders and the lace front bodice that covered my make believe breasts.  It seemed so much naughtier wearing mom's slip than my sisters.  i was extra careful whenever i would sneak out that piece of clothing!

But i think all of you know my favorite piece of lingerie.  Yes, there is nothing like a beautiful pair of babydoll pajamas, and the Sears Catalog never failed to disappoint when it came to those.  They became the first things i would look for when the new catalog arrived. 

The only disappointment came when there was a babydoll featured that absolutely adored and it wasn't featured in my favorite color.  The fact that it was "also available in pink" did little to alleviate my disappointment.  Somehow, i still managed to find enjoyment from the baby blue babydoll that sometimes adorned the pages i frequented so often.

The first babydoll i ever tried on belonged to my oldest sister.  It had a yellow and white  checkered pattern with a lace bib front that had a cute white bow in the middle.  The panty was checkered also and it had matching white lace around the leg openings.  My sister had bought it for a pajama party she'd gone to and i only remember seeing her wear it one other time.  It was my stroke of luck that it wasn't one of her favorites.  She didn't take it with her when she left for college.  i made sure i took good care of it while she was away.

i spent many an afternoon cuddled up in that babydoll and with the Sears Catalog, lost in the many sissy fantasies they stoked so well together.


sissy terri