A Sissy's View of the NFL Playoffs

Sissies have a diversity of fantasies and special fantasy outfits.  The sissy maid is probably the most popular.  There's also the bridal fantasy and probably not far behind is the cheerleader fantasy.  i took part in a couple of sports in high school where having cheerleaders on the sidelines was a given.  Even then, i gazed at them with more than the usual interest than some of my teammates had.  i touched on the subject earlier this week in my post on Sissies, Studs and Sports.

By the time you read this, you'll probably have had enough of all the talking heads with their analysis and granular dissection of each teams' offense, defense, special teams, pregame rituals, diet, injuries, and whatever else you can possibly think of.

i'm interested in the games as well.  Both Diane and i like sports and attend the local university's games whenever our schedule allows, but my interest in the most feminine and sexy cheerleader uniforms hasn't wanted at all since high school. 

So let's take a look at today's conference championship games from a different perspective.  From a sissy perspective!

Today's first game features the Green Bay Packers against last year's Super Bowl winners the Seattle Seahawks.  The Packer cheerleaders are more familiar with the frigid temperatures of Green Bay than the wet and balmy weather they're likely to experience today in Seattle.  That gives them the opportunity to wear something a little more revealing.  Whatever the wear, i'm hoping they have a pretty yellow bow in their hair.  Like every coach hopes for that "complete game", a sissy is always in search of that "complete outfit."  Nothing finishes off a cheerleader's uniform like a pretty bow in their hair.

i think Seattle's cheerleaders are called the "Seagals."  That sounds a little too much like "Sea gulls" to me.  Can you imagine if the team was made up of very pretty crossdressers?  Bet you're thinking of the same name as i am aren't you?  "Let's hear it for our very own Sea Sissies!" 

Fortunately for the Seahawks, their cheerleaders are all beautiful and real girls.  They're fortunate because their looks, and their uniforms are likely to distract more than just the fans in the stands.  When you're this cute, it wouldn't be surprising for an opposing receiver to take his eye off the ball and try to steal a glimpse of something else!  Why else do you think that skirt of hers is so short? 

Over in New England when the next game kicks off later in the day, it's supposed to be raining as well.  It's a good bet that the girls on the sideline won't be wearing raincoats or ponchos like the rabid fans in the stands or hooded sweatshirts like their personable coach. 

The visiting Colts aren't given much of a chance by all the experts but from my own research, i think their cheerleaders might help to make a difference.  This would be especially true if the girls are allowed to come out in the very feminine pink version of their uniforms.  Pink horseshoes  and pink pompoms might be be just enough to distract Mr. Brady, even if he does have a supermodel wife!

Much like the Packer cheerleaders, New England's girls probably aren't used to wearing skimpy outfits in mid-to-late January.  The warmer-than-usual and wet weather expected in New England
today might throw them off their game.  i'm sure they have several uniforms to choose from and it wouldn't surprise me if they're still undecided what to wear.  i'd love to be in on those discussions wouldn't you?

If i could wear any cheerleader uniform i wanted i'd have a hard time deciding which one to pick.  i'd love to try them on before i decided but in the end it would be something with plenty of pink.

i know the cheerleaders are far from the main focus of today's games, even for most sissies.  But i do hope the television producers do give us an opportunity to see the girls and their pretty uniforms today.  Otherwise it would be a little disappointing. 

Featuring today's cheerleaders as part of their broadcasts a little more than usual certainly isn't going to win them any major awards, but it will make some sissies happy!

Enjoy the games...and the girls!


sissy terri