Sissy Cuckold Gifts & Thoughts

When something significant happens in our relationship (Diane's and mine), especially something that alters the dynamic of our lifestyle, it usually takes me a few days to get my thoughts in order before i blog again.  In the past, some absences have gone on for a week or almost a couple of months.  The initial shock of what's happened might not seem like much to most readers, but some things make me anxious and nervous.

i haven't had time to straighten out all my thoughts about what happened on Sunday and i probably never will.  And, what thoughts, ideas or feelings i do have will undoubtedly change in the days, weeks or months ahead.  Posting about it now will result in a far-from-complete personal expression on the subject but like most of our lives, i'm considering it a work-in-progress.

Diane and i were supposed to exchange our more intimate gifts while we were on vacation last week.  Diane kept putting it off and with the ultimate decision of what we do and when we do it being Hers, i didn't press the issue.  Finally, She decided that Sunday afternoon would be the "best" time for the exchange of gifts.

i'm sure i'm not the first cuckold to admit this, but a few of the gifts i had for Her were selected with Her lover Paul in mind.  What i mean is that i bought Her some things that i knew She would love to wear for him.  These included a beautiful black and pink bra, panty and garter belt/suspender set with matching stockings from Agent Provocateur.  i also bought Her beautiful heels to go with the set. 

There were a couple other intimate gifts, a necklace, bracelet and earring set which She really loved and light baby blue short satin night gown.  Other gifts were just stocking stuffers and a couple of gift cards.

Diane's gifts to me were totally feminine, playful and teasing.  She hasn'tpursued some of my fantasies as often as others, like how i enjoy being Her sissy baby but the pink pacifiers and cute baby bibs She gave me were a clear indication that She wants to explore it more in 2015.  There was a gift for "the two of us" that i got to open - a matching bra and panty set which i also loved.  She even got me some false eyelashes for when She wants me to look "slutty!"

However, it was the last gift She handed me that sent my head spinning. 

The $250 Victoria's Secret gift card looked like any other Diane had give me before, or that i had given Her.  The gift cared didn't shock me.  It's who it was from that did.  It was from Paul and Diane.

At first, i thought it was just a joke but then i noticed that the handwriting was definitely not Hers.  i'd seen Paul's handwriting before and i knew it was his.   And the note.  It read:
 To our sissy princess,
We're hoping to get to see you in some pretty things real soon!  
Merry Christmas!
Paul & Diane
My heart sank when i read it, while Diane had a beautiful smile on Her face.  It was as if in a nanosecond my life had changed like never before.  i felt like i had just entered a room that all of a sudden had no way out.  i was in a place with no escape.  Yet, the place was a result of a journey i'd been on for a long time.  We'd both been on it and found what we wanted.  Now i'm scared.  Very scared.

Diane knew very well how i'd react.  She knows me better than i know myself.  She was ready for my reaction.  We talked.  Sure She's Dominant over me and very controlling, but She's also a good listener, even when you don't appear to have Her attention, She's listening and doing it intently.  Diane explained to me that over the past several months, it became clear that this was something Paul would enjoy, and enjoy it on our terms.  She grew confident enough to drop hints, ask questions, have intimate conversations about fantasies and eventually discuss some possibilities with him.

As i suspected, Diane's been planning and plotting this for a long time.

After our long discussion, i was nervous and concerned about the immediate next step.  "Well, you definitely need to thank him" She laughed but added that "No rush on that, he's headed to a conference this week and won't be back until late Friday.  We can work on the 'thank you' together.  Just like we'll work this out together.  We'll be fine."

Diane gave me a long kiss and a big hug.  "Trust me" She said as She squeezed me and held me tight.

i do and i will.


sissy terri