Sissy Perms

We go back from our little winter vacation late yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxing evening and got a good night's sleep.  Rarely are vacation accommodations, no matter how luxurious, as comfortable at home when it comes to sleeping.  Nothing like your own bed, even if it is shared by someone besides you and your wife!

sissy perm
Diane had an appointment for a perm and a color at the beauty salon today.  Whenever She goes to the salon i get envious of Her and She knows it.  She's teased me before that "maybe someday you can join me for a perm."  The funny part is that we both go to the same hairdresser.  Diane's been going there for about four years and Sue, Her hairdresser,  does take some male clients for regular haircuts.  We've never been at the same time though but when i'm there i sometimes fantasize aboutgetting a color and a perm and spending time under the drier with a pink plastic apron protecting my clothes.

i've posted once or twice about my fascination with curlers, especially the old fashioned kind that my mother and older sisters used to wear when i was young.  Call it a fetish or whatever you want, but women in curlers also excite me.  Wearing curlers also gives me such a beautiful feminine feeling.  Guess that's why i'm a sissy :)

Diane's also going to see Paul after Her hair appointment this afternoon.  He's on call this weekend and She wants to stop by Her own office to catch up on some things after having been away for awhile.  i got to wondering about a few things.  For instance, will Paul say anything about Her new perm?  Or, will Diane get it cut and styled in a way Paul might like?  Maybe he's told Her he'd like to see Her hair shorter? in a different style? different highlights?

Women work hard at looking as pretty and beautiful as they can.  They also work hard at pleasing their lovers.   my own femme side makes me want to do the same. 

However, when you're truly in love with someone, it's their inner beauty that keeps you captive.


sissy terri