Sissy & Cuckold Thoughts

i'm enjoying a lazy Sunday morning.  Diane's still lounging in bed while i sip on some coffee, read the Sunday paper and take care of a few other sissy things.  We're going out this afternoon but other than that it's a pretty low key day.  i'll just have to think of what to cook Diane for dinner.  Maybe She'll decide that we go out instead and give me the night off!

There were some interesting comments to last Sunday's post, A Sissy's View of the NFL Playoffs.  They were also pretty informative.  Thanks to Florida Dom, i now know that NFL cheerleaders usually don't travel with the teams except for the Super Bowl and that the Packers don't have cheerleaders.  Maybe that's why they lost last weekend, as did the Colts.  It's more likely that than under-inflated balls.  Florida Dom sure knows more about football than i do.  But then again, he's a Dom and i'm a sissy.

Another anonymous commenter suggested i run a search for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in pink uniforms they'd worn to support breast cancer research.  i did and OMG!!!!  How could i have missed this before?  Very poor research on my part.  For missing it, i should probably receive and punishment spanking while dressed in these sexy little uniforms!  Some punishment that would be.

i don't wear shapewear that often, but i got an email yesterday from Zulily announcing a sale on Spanx.   i do have a couple of Spanx items and enjoy the feel of them.  They have the restrictiveness of shapewear (a very feminine feeling) even though their items are pretty comfortable to wear. 

Most of the time i ignore these emails but this morning i decided to take a peek and ended up buying a pair of "Skinny Britches" that are similar to a long leg panty girdle but much sleeker.  Honestly, i bought it because of the color it was available in.  i'm a softie when it comes to anything pink!

As much as the meeting with Paul on Friday went very well, i'm still anxious and nervous about moving forward.  Until i actually do it and hopefully get more comfortable with the situation, i don't think these feelings and emotions will go away.  They'll probably never go away completely no matter what happens, but i do feel far more comfortable than i did a couple of weeks ago.

i'm going to take my time in making my decision but i'm sure Paul knows which way i'm leaning.  i asked Diane how i should let Paul know when the time comes.  Should it be via email? a phone call? a time when they're getting together?  Diane thinks the delivery of my decision should be special in some way.  When i asked Her to be more specific She said She wasn't sure either, but it shouldn't be just a phone call where i say "Hey, i'm ready for this."

We dropped the discussion and moved on to something else, but there's no doubt in my mind She'll have more than one idea!  It got me to thinking about how i'm going to be dressed the first time i'm
allowed to be with them as a cuckold.  In the meetings with Paul, there was really no discussion or even the slightest reference to anything about my dress or what i'd be expected to wear other than my chastity belt. 

i'm wondering if the two of them have even given it any thought?  The cuckold really is an afterthought anyway.  It's probably something they'll decide at the very last minute while i fret and worry about it for days ahead of time.

Of course that doesn't prevent my own vivid imagination from running wild.  What will Diane and/or Paul want me to wear for this special occasion?

Just another reason to be anxious and nervous :)


sissy terri