The Cuckold Waiting Game

Diane delivered my thank you note to Paul late yesterday afternoon. Her "meeting" with him lasted longer than expected and She was a bit late coming home.  We were having some neighbors over for a very casual dinner and they had already arrived by the time She got home.  So, it wasn't until after they had left that i had a chance to ask Her about Paul's reaction to my note.

It was understandable that She was late.  She hadn't seen Paul in several days and i'm sure their offices were pretty deserted late on a Friday afternoon, giving them some privacy to exchange some intimacies.  She did text me to let me know She'd be about 15 minutes late.  These particularly neighbors are always early, so i told them She'd had a minor issue to deal with and would be home shortly.

Later, i asked Diane what if anything Paul had said about the note.

"He liked it."

"Well, did he say anything?" i asked Her, prodding for more information.

"Of course.  He said it was cute."

"Anything else?  i did feel a little silly signing off the way i did" i said in the hopes he didn't think it was way over the top.

"It looks like he likes the name we gave him...that's what he said."

"i feel even sillier now.  What did you say" i asked Diane.

"I corrected him."

"You corrected him?  For what?"  not sure what She was talking about.

"I told him that from now one, he should never refer to you as he, him or any other manly pronoun."

"Oh my God...what did he say to that?" i asked Her.

"He just laughed and said it works for him.  Relax" Diane said while giving me a hug "Everything will be just fine.  Give it some time."

i wonder if Diane is telling Paul much of the same?  Is he chomping at the bit to get into this whole cuckolding thing?  Or is he more likely to be experiencing some of the same anxiety that i am?  Knowing Diane, She's intentionally keeping both of us in the dark about the entirety of Her plan; how and when She wants this whole thing to play out.

"So do you think he's comfortable with all of this?" I had to ask.

"Definitely.  Of course.  We're just going to have to carve out some time and make it work.  I'm not worried."

What, Diane worry?  Only if She feels like She's losing control of a situation, and that rarely happens.

i suppose i worry enough for the both of us.  i want this to work and Diane is more confident than i am that it will.  my own confidence emanates from Her's.  She leads and i follow.  If She is confident about it, i should be also.

However, i constantly wonder about how this will evolve.  Diane's pleasure is paramount and should be my sole focus.  i have my own fantasies but.....will they fit with Paul's?  And even if they do, do i even want to go through with them?

One question that seems to be constantly on my mind is how much will i be involved.  Some cuckolds are more actively involved than others.

What would they enjoy more?  My presence or absence during their lovemaking?  A combination of both?

Some inclusion and some exclusion, each with their own humiliating emotions?

Will i be allowed into our master bedroom, the inner sanctum of their sexual expression?

Or, will i be made to kneel submissively by the door, so close to their intimacy but in many ways, so, so far away?


sissy terri