Chastity Time - Lots of it

On New Year's Eve in a post called A Chaste New Year i wrote the following:

Diane wants to discuss some New Year's resolutions later today and one of them is definitely chastity.  She wants to institute a calendar which will log how many hours i spend in chastity each day.  She's yet to decide what the daily/monthly goal will be, but She definitely wants me to keep track of it.
We did discuss New Year's resolutions and the chastity discussion was first and foremost.  The end result (a better term would be "Diane's final decision")  was that I would keep a daily tally of how many hours i spent in and out of chastity, enter it on a spreadsheet, calculate the percentage and enter a short note about my time in and/or out of chastity each day.  The spreadsheet would contain columns for the date, time in, time out, daily note and another column for a weekly summary.

She also told me to set it up so that there would be a separate sheet for each month.  She wanted daily, month-to-date and year-to-date percentages calculated on a continuing basis.  i would email the spreadsheet to Her each day.   i'm not an excel geek but this was pretty easy to do.  i've also been emailing the sheet to Her every day.  We've called it "The Chastity Report."

Formalizing my chastity is a significant change in our lifestyle.  It's something that i would have written about much sooner, were it not for the other significant event that took place last Sunday - the sissy cuckold gift i received from both Diane and Her lover Paul.  It reminds me of how one significant news event overtakes another on cable news networks.  Everything else is placed on the back burner.

Diane's chastity rules are quire simple:  i'm to be in chastity all the time unless i have Her permission to be out.  i don't have a specified target percentage.  She says i don't need one.  She's correct.  She decides when i'm in or out and as a result, these decisions will drive the percentage.  i can ask to get out and in "emergencies" i'm allowed to take it off, but understand that there will be consequences if She deems no real emergency existed.  i'm allowed to take it off when i shower or bathe for hygiene purposes, thoroughly washing the CB and putting it back on when i'm done.

We're ten days into this and Diane is very satisfied with the results thus far.  All my orgasms are controlled by Her.  How and when they occur is something that rests with Her.  Where once She found the whole "chastity thing too much work" She now enjoys the control it gives Her.  She says i appear even more docile and submissive than i was before.  Some may find that hard to believe.

As for me, i do feel it has had a positive effect on me.  Other than the angst i've had about what the future holds with Paul, more time in chastity seems to have had a calming effect on me.  In the strangest sort of ways, i believe it's helped me deal with the situation and handle it better.  i'm also sleeping with the CB more often.  Some nights Diane has told me i could take it off, but most nights She says nothing.  i've overcome the morning discomfort i feel from erections, learning to accept them.  They eventually subside and are a reminder that true submission does come with some discomfort and yes, even pain.

Remarkably after these first ten days of 2015, my time in the pink CB-3000 is nearly 85%.  When we started this "chastity thing" i never thought it would get to this level.  Now, i'm committed to it and obviously so is Diane.

Yesterday Diane had me put in an order for a 200 plastic numbered locks.  She wants to move awayfrom the little brass padlock She uses now.  Even though i don't, it's something i could easily sneak in and out of without Her knowledge.  The numbered locks will eliminate this security issue.   The CB-3000 came with a handful of these locks but She believes we'll need more.  Many more.

Sure, i could still "cheat" when i take my CB off when i shower.  She knows that.  i've promised Her i wouldn't.  It's a promise i want to keep.

As for Paul, he does know that Diane keeps me in chastity.  How this plays out in the future remains to be seen.  


sissy terri