The Power of the Petticoat

Many years ago when i was a teenager in high school, i was browsing through a rather upscale bookstore in our town and couldn't help gravitate towards the section the dealt with psychology.  You could always count on finding some sex related material there.  It was soft porn but intermingled with the more clinically oriented paperbacks there you could find a collection of "Penthouse Letters" or a book or two dealing with some mild sexual kinks.

One day i stumbled upon a work of fiction that would become the first erotic novel i ever read from cover to cover.  And i would read it over and over for years to come.  It was like i had found some hidden treasure and i did my best to keep it hidden so that no one would ever find it.

The book was called "Gynecocracy."  The short title was catchy enough to warrant a second look, but it was the expanded title - A narrative of the Adventures and Psychological Experiences of Julian Robinson (afterwards Viscount Ladywood) Under Petticoat-Rule, written by himself - that gave me the courage to pick it up, scan a few pages, and decide quickly that it was something i just had to have.  "Petticoat Rule" - i'd never read two words that aroused me so much.  

The book is a classic in the forced feminization genre, and it served as my introduction into the erotic world of Female Dominance so beautiful intertwined with humiliation through the effective use of "petticoating" or "petticoat punishment."To be honest, i've never been the same since!  From that point on, the petticoat has always had a special and femininely soft place in my heart and in my sissy fantasies.  The book is available through Amazon and i'm sure other places.  It's certainly worth the read. 

Over the years, as much as my crossdressing and other feminine habits have matured and become more diversified, the appeal and aura of the petticoat and what it means to me always seems to come back.  Call it a security blanket of sorts.  It never fails to bring out the most feminine of emotions and arousal in me.  Fortunately, the internet has many wonderful petticoat resources available to those of us who have an attraction to these beautiful garments.  Some of them have been around for a long time and can count me as one of their faithful followers.

One such site is Petticoat Pond, a place where you can get daily updates on just about anything to do with petticoats.  It's a fabulous place to find out where you can buy petticoats in the US and in other countries, and it also has a treasure trove of beautiful photos of gurls and real girls in all types of pettis.  The gurls who frequent "The Pond" are called poofbunnies and there's also a chat room where they can get to know one another.  Can you think of a more sissy name than "poofbunny?"  

Here's a photo that showed up in yesterday's update log.   i wouldn't call wearing this pretty petticoat any type of "punishment" at all!  Of course, that would depend on the circumstances right?

Another site that i found many years ago is Petticoat Punishment Art by Carole Jean.  The site seems to be mostly pay stuff now whereas in the past, if i remember correctly, much of the material was free.  There's still plenty of stuff for you to browse through.  There's stories, pictures, artwork and more.  One downside is that it doesn't seem to be updated that frequently.  But the beauty of the content never goes away!

The highlight of the site is probably the artwork by "Christeen."  Her work is all over the web and i'm sure you've seen it before if you've done searches related to petticoats, but this site is no doubt the best to find most all of her work in one place.  Christeen captures those special "sissy moments" many of us have fantasized about so very often!

And finally,  Petticoat Discipline Quarterly (PDQ), like its title implies is very heavy on Female Domination of the sissified male through the use of petticoats.  Husbands, brothers, nephews and the like all fall "victim" to the  women in their lives and spend either a good deal of time or the rest of their lives as their petticoated submissives as a means to correct their behavior.  In addition to the fiction, there are numerous letters from women who share how petticoating has worked for them. 

The aforementioned artist Christeen even has her own "poster gallery"on PDQ and it's also worth viewing.  The site also has a fair amount of petticoat discipline that also infantilism.  Despite its quarterly moniker, PDQ has become a monthly publication with mostly free content.  

i probably haven't written about petticoats as extensively as i have today, but rest assured that these wonderfully constructed collections of crinolines will always be a favorite of mine!


sissy terri