A Cuckold Announcement

Last night Diane and i hosted Linda, Diane's closest friend.  Linda is very much aware of our lifestyle and has seen me dressed many times.  As ordinary and routine as it's become, i'm always a little nervous just before She comes over.  Last night was no different but like always it took little time for me to feel at ease.

When Linda arrived She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, told me i looked "as pretty as always" and complimented me on my apron.  "Do I detect a hint of perfume" She asked me teasingly.  i wasn't wearing any and just laughed.  

Not much phases Linda.  She's very accepting of things and has told me several times that my dressing and submission to Diane is no big deal.  She's even flirted with me a few times but made it perfectly clear it's just that; nothing but flirting.  "You belong to Diane, and Diane alone" she says.  Last night as i went about preparing some snacks and sandwiches for the game while wearing one of my frilly aprons, She eve commented how lucky Diane was to have such a "doting wife" and gave me a playful pat on the butt, right in front of Diane....and they both laughed about it!

We had some wine and snacks before the game started and some light sandwiches once it got going.  There wasn't much clean up so i actually got to watch most of the game with the two of them.  i was just like one of the girls and the conversation was pretty normal...until halftime.

Halftime was when Diane announced to Linda that Paul would be coming over on Wednesday afternoon like he usually does but this time, "terri will be here and won't be hiding this time.  It's all in the open now between the three of us."  Diane looked at me as She made the announcement.  It was said as if i had already known about it, but I hadn't been forewarned at all.  This was the first i heard of it.  i tried to act like i already knew.

"Wow" Linda said looking at me. "That is sooo nice.  You must both be very excited!"  Looking at me Linda asked "And terri, you must be a little nervous?"

i could feel myself blushing and answered politely that i was, but i thought things would work out well

"I'm assuming you're going to be dressed?  Have you decided what you're going to wear?" She asked me.

"I haven't decided yet" Diane quickly interjected with a laugh, with Linda joining in the frivolity as well.  "Oh I forgot!" Linda said, having fun at the realization that those type of decisions were Diane's.  They'd both had two glasses of wine and despite being sober, seemed quite playful.  "Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll look just gorgeous" Linda said smiling broadly and looking at me.

Linda could tell i was a bit embarrassed and said "Awww, no need to blush.  It'll be fun.  Just relax.  I know Paul and he's a great guy.  Just enjoy it!"

The conversation didn't stop there but shifted to one that was more between Linda and Diane, with Linda curious to find out how Diane pulled all this off and how She was able to convince Paul to get me involved.  Diane explained some things to Her, almost ignoring my presence and referring to me in the feminine sense saying "she" and "her" when appropriate.

"We'll have more wine" She said at one point in the conversation.  i took both glasses from them and refilled them in the kitchen.  When i left Diane began talking in a hushed voice and i couldn't make out what She was saying to Linda.  Obviously, She'd wanted me out of the room.  i took the hint and took my time in order to give them some privacy.

i finally served them their wine and the conversation continued until the second half began.  We watched the game, Diane appeared to exchange texts with Paul a few times and overall had a good time.  There was no more talk of Diane's date with Paul on Wednesday and my involvement whatever it might be.  And neither one of them took more than a sip or two of the wine Diane had asked that i get for them.

Linda was as happy as could be with the game.  Her team was in control throughout and won easily.  During the entire second half there was no talk about Diane's date with Paul on Wednesday at all.  My presence there while dressed like one of the girls and the announcement of my "cuckolding" with Paul never came up once.  Linda was just totally into her Buckeyes.

My "cuckold introduction" to Paul is happening much sooner than i thought it would.  i haven't even had a chance to use that Victoria's Secret gift card yet!


sissy terri