Displaying my Chastity

Despite the bitter cold and snowy weather conditions, Diane and i ventured out on New Year's Eve and had a wonderful time. it  It was romantic in a "cuckold sort of way", with Diane having chatted briefly with Paul before we went out to dinner and exchanging intimate New Years' greetings while i was safely locked away in chastity.

Diane dressed in what i'd like to describe as classy casual.  i couldn't keep my eyes off the key to my CB-3000 that seemed so sensually attached to Her necklace, right beside the heart shaped diamond  charm my daughters had given Her for our 25th wedding anniversary.  The key seemed so out of place; larger than the diamond studded heart, it looked like an amateur's awkward attempt to steal the show from a professional.  One couldn't help but notice the silver key against Her stylish white sweater.

The key did receive a few glances from both men and women.  She'd worn it before but never so prominently.  Drinking Her cosmopolitan so sexily, with the key dangling from Her neck, there was little doubt left about anything.....our relationship, my submission, Her Dominance, cuckolding, chastity....and more.  At least that's how i felt.

There were a few times during the evening where men or women did a "double-take" and stared.  i know they couldn't help see the key, but i do think it was Diane's lovely cleavage that got their initial attention!  Diane seemed to enjoy it.  On more than one occasion She stated back at them, made eye contact and almost seemed to invite them into a conversation.  Perhaps Her intimidating stare scared them away from any question or comment.

"What are You going to say if someone asks You about the key" i asked Her.

"I'll just tell them the truth" She said playfully.  It left me wondering if She would actually tell them the truth.  She probably would have.

At midnight we got to enjoy The Great Pinecone Drop followed by a nightcap at a local watering hole.  i kept gazing at the key.  i thought everyone there did the same thing.

Later, with the key and the diamond-studded heart still around Her neck, She made love to me with Her strap-on.  i remained locked and didn't orgasm.  i'm pretty sure She did.


sissy terri