Looking Back - Looking Ahead

In Roman mythology, the god Janus looks both to the past and the future. The two are always closely linked to one another.  We're the creations of our past experiences and how we've reacted to them. 

i find myself less anxious about things as i've become more comfortable with who i am and the lifestyle Diane and i have chosen.  Yes, She's made most of the choices but they've been careful ones that have undoubtedly taken my own feelings into consideration.  For that, i'm eternally grateful to Her.

Diane's Dominance over me will be greater in 2015.  It's one of Her New Year's resolutions.  It's already been demonstrated by Her insistence that my time in chastity be monitored on a daily basis.  i'll need Her permission to be out of my cage and log the hours i've spent locked into a spreadsheet every day.  January will be a "test" month, something to establish a target for the rest of the year. 

Years ago i used to get so aroused just wearing a pair of panties.  How times have changed.  Today, being in panties is a given and doesn't create the same feeling and sensation that it used to.   Wearing panties now just makes me feel more docile and feminine.  The fact that it's required of me does make it more erotic.  The arousal it creates is more cerebral than anything else.

However, some panties do turn me on more than others.  Like these for instance...

Can you blame me?

Now if i could get a pair for each day of the week that would be awesome!


sissy terri