Sissies in the Snow

As the mostly always sunny southwest gets ready for the Super Bowl, my sissy friends back east are in the middle of a terrible storm.  i hope all my friends are safe and sound and enjoying a "snow day" at home dressed in their favorite outfits.  Battling the elements on days like this is no fun.

It looks like New York City dodged another bullet but my sissy friends in other parts of New York and New England weren't so lucky.

Lots of snow can be fun though.  i remember the days of my childhood waking up to the announcement that there was no school because of a snowstorm.  Talk about excitement!  The bigger the storm the more fun it was to play in the snow.

It would still be fun to go out and play in the snow today....i'd just dress a little differently!

Maybe this baby blue ski suit wold be nice....

But since pink is my favorite color i'd probably choose this one....

Or maybe we could just go for a walk in the snow....

What's your favorite outfit in the snow?

In the meantime, i'll just have to put up with a little sunshine...so sad.


sissy terri