A Sissy's Big Day(s)

Today's a big day for me.  i get to meet with Paul later this afternoon, a meeting that will go a long way in determining whether or not i decide to go forward with the stipulations he set out last week; stipulations that would allow me to be far more involved in the relationship he has with Diane.  Meeting with your wife's lover, her dominant lover for that matter, isn't an easy thing to do under any circumstances.  It's even more difficult to do when you're approaching it from a perspective like mine - a sissy cuckolded husband.  It's no wonder the first meeting we had was emotionally overwhelming!

Today i feel far more confident and prepared.  They might be considered polar opposites because they usually don't go hand in hand, but i believe someone can be confident and submissive at the same time.  i'm very comfortable with my submission and who i am in that regard.  The big decision is whether or not i want to turn any part of it over to someone else, even if it's on an occasional basis.

i can understand and accept Paul's stipulations, rules, etc.  However, for anything like this to have a remote chance of being successful the initial dialogue needs to go back and forth.  Last week i was left almost speechless at the end of our first meeting.  Paul understands, so he's very open to hearing my side this time.  Wish me luck! 

Yesterday ended up being a very big day also, though it didn't start out that way.  i had to travel a couple of hours to hopefully wrap up a consulting job i had taken early last spring.  What began as a rather simple project got delayed several times and at the same time grew in complexity.  Finally it was over and i was just there to dot the i's and cross the t's. 

But nothing is ever simple.  The company wants me to take on another project.  i told them no, that i couldn't do it due to other commitments (a little white lie) but they insisted i could do it at my own pace.  Whatever reason i gave them not to take it, they begged even more.  i didn't even want to listen to them.  They insisted i stay and hear what they had to say.  So you guessed it.  i'm in. 

The length of yesterday's meeting meant that i'd be getting home later in the afternoon than i thought i would.  It also meant that my sissy wife responsibilities were piling up.  i'd promised Diane that i'd be back in time to cook dinner in addition to having a few other things done. 

Submissive sissy wives take these things seriously.  As soon as i got home i got comfortable (and femme), put my apron on and got to work.  The feeling that i had fallen behind in my chores and that i was hurrying to get things done and ready before Diane came home was a submissively beautiful one.  Not only did i not want to disappoint Her, i was doing what was expected and required of me as Her submissive wife. 

i was surprised at how efficient i was and even had a chance to catch up on a few emails. One that i responded to was from Penney (she with all those pretty bows on her panties!).  i told her how busy i was and why and apologized for the brevity of my note.  Wasn't i surprised to get an email from her this morning telling me that she totally understood; she had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the dinner she had to cock for her Dominant Wife!  Like me, Penney does all the cooking and shopping.  It's nice having another sissy wife who i can relate to!

But the highlight of my day was when Diane got home.  She looked beautiful as always.  She came in with Her hands full.  She was on the phone smiling and laughing (i assumed it was Paul but it was a female friend of hers), Her laptop over Her shoulder and carrying a bouquet of white flowers which i incorrectly assumed were from Paul.

Diane quickly said Her farewells dropped the laptop and came over to give me a big hug and kiss. 
"Here you go" She said, handing me the flowers.  "They're for you, my beautiful wife."  Diane could tell i was surprised.  "Why so surprised?  Aren't wives supposed to get flowers once and awhile from their spouses or husbands?" 

Well, i was surprised and a little embarrassed that i'd assumed they were for Her from Paul.  i thanked Her, kissed Her and got a vase to put the flowers in. 

Sure it's nice to wear ruffled panties, aprons, lovely bra and panty sets and so many other feminine things.  But it's the little things like this that Diane does and says that make me appreciate my role as Her submissive sissy wife.


sissy terri