A Note From the Cuckold

Much of the anxiety i've been feeling since i received my "sissy gift" from Paul and Diane this weekend has subsided.  Since my initial shock i've had time to think this over, receive some very supportive comments and emails from friends and chat a bit about it with Diane and i'm feeling more positive about things.

Today i even got a chance to have a nice gurly chat with my friend Candi who's contributed to the blog in the past.  Candi's a dear friend who understand and we hadn't talked in a couple of months.   i was in a good mood today but our conversation made me even happier.  It's fun talking to a femme friend like that.  And even better yet, she's promised to write something here in the next couple of months. Thanks sweetie!

On another note, just a few minutes ago i finished the thank you note to Paul that Diane insisted i write.  He returns from a conference later today and Diane is going to personally deliver it to him.   After receiving my gift card to Victoria's Secret on Sunday, Diane was adamant that i "thank" Paul.  i was overwhelmed with emotion at the time and it wasn't until later that She clarified to me that She wanted the thanks to be in the form of a handwritten note addressed to him, even though the gift was from the both of them.  i've had plenty of opportunity to personally thank Diane for it :)

Diane had said She'd help me with the thank you but decided it would be best if it came just from me, with none of Her input.  "I don't want to influence what you're going to write" She said.  "You know I have a hard time not taking over situations like this."  No kidding.   She added "I only have one requirement for the note and you know what it is."  i was on my own.

So naturally, i had some struggles with this note.  It's more than a unique situation isn't it?  Where do you draw on any experience like this?  Writing to a man who's your wife's lover and thanking him for a gift card from Victoria's Secret isn't something that happens to often.  Especially when you're the one who's expected to make and wear the purchases from the store!

Initially, i thought i'd make the note sort of a letter from one man to another, expressing my understanding of the situation in an attempt to put him at ease and letting him know i'm happy for Diane and okay with all that is going on.  That however seemed foolish.  It's just not reality.  It can't be man to man.  My attempts to write it that way were not only awkward but the results were horrible.

i finally decided to do it the right way, to focus on the gift and my appreciation of it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It became much easier.  i also kept it in line with his own note that came with the gift that read:

To our sissy princess,
We're hoping to get to see you in some pretty things real soon!  
Merry Christmas!
Paul & Diane
So i kept it short and to the point, attempting to express my honest appreciation for the gift and to subtly let him know i was welcoming this new phase of his relationship with Diane.  Here's my thank you note to him:

Dear Paul,
i want to thank You so much for the very generous Christmas gift along with your warming words.  Looks like i have some very pleasant shopping to do for both you and Diane.   It's going to be a wonderful way to start the New Year!  Again, my sincere thanks.
"Sissy Princess"
Then came the most difficult part.  The sign-off.  It was the one thing that Diane was adamant about.   I was to sign off the same way i had been addressed:

"Your sissy princess"
On Monday i tried to describe in my post how i felt the moment i received the gift from Paul and Diane and wrote:  "It was as if in a nanosecond my life had changed like never before."

Signing off as his "sissy princess" seemed just as life changing as that moment on Sunday.  Maybe even more.


sissy terri