Sissies, Studs and Sports

With all the football being played this weekend, I'll bet there's plenty of testosterone on display in living rooms, dens, bars and "man caves" across America.  It's not going to end when the clock strikes 0:00 at the close of the Denver-Indianapolis game later today either.  There's the College Football Championship game tomorrow night between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes. 

Football isn't a sissy game by any means.  But, does that mean that there isn't a place for sissies in the all-important football weekend?  Apparently not. 

This weekend. i received a rather erotic and kinky email from one of my online friends, Big Dave.  i've mentioned Dave before and admitted that i was a bit smitten with him.  Yes, i have a crush on him and it's totally understandable.  He's a hunk and a sexy stud.  So there!  And, he really knows how to push a gurl's buttons if you know what i mean:)

Big Dave is definitely "All Man" and very much into all the football that's being played this weekend.  And  he'd certainly like this sissy (and Diane) to be a part of it.  Here's a part of what he wrote...

"The college championship game is on Monday. Might as well throw the rest of your male undies out in the trash. I'm going to have you serve me and the wife in a cheerleader uniform. Only thing I'm afraid of, I'll be sending Diane off to bed early so I could take your virgin sissy pussy at half time. I know you're not really a virgin, but you haven't had a cock like mine in you princess."
Sexy isn't he? And very flattering in many ways.  But make no mistake, it would be a rare event if given the choice, a man would choose my feminine charms over Diane's.  It's a nice thought though!

i believe Dave will be rooting for the Ducks and as such, I'm sure he'd have the appropriate cheerleader uniform for his sissy to wear.  i think he's definitely a "pleated skirt" type of man, appreciating the more feminine, if not necessarily revealing type of uniform on his girls and gurls.  

Then early this morning, i got a call from Jake asking if i'd like to go over tonight to "help him enjoy the game."  i asked him if he could be more specific, like exactly how i could make the game more enjoyable for him.  It's my own way of teasing but Jake certainly knows how much i enjoy pleasing him while he "relaxes" and watches a sporting event.

Jake's invite was also flattering but it was also typical of him.  It was last minute and probably meant that his new lady friend wasn't available tonight. 

Unfortunately i had to decline his invite anyway.  Diane's friend Linda is coming over.  She's an Ohio State alum and is into the game.  So rather than a man cave, it's going to be more of a girly and gurly gathering.

i knew Linda was an Ohio State alum, but didn't realize she was into football as much as she is.  Silly me, i must have been thinking like a sissy.  Anyone who went to OSU has to be into football right?  Had i known, i would have ordered the appropriate cheerleader uniform for tonight's game.  Wouldn't she be surprised? 

Probably not.


sissy terrich