A Tribute to Sissy Brides

A recent issue of the digital magazine Love Inc.  featured the androgynous model Dylan Stephens beautifully dressed in a white wedding gown.  i happened to read about this on The Huffington Post , where Love Inc.'s editor Brittny Dyre wanted to make the statement that "Love is love - no matter the couple's gender, orientation or identity."  Such a beautiful statement.

i've written several posts with a bridal theme where i've confessed to my own sissy bride fantasies.  It's a fantasy that i believe the vast majority of us have but few have had the opportunity to experience in even the remotest of ways.

Love Inc. magazine's decision to dedicate an issue to trans brides has far greater significance or impact than simply satisfying the fantasies of sissies like me.  It's a bold statement supporting the rights of transgender individuals.

i'm sure you'll enjoy the articles as much as i did.  And for multiple reasons!

i've had the opportunity to wear a wedding gown on a couple of occasions (though i haven't written about it...yet) and it's as feminine a feeling i've ever experienced from an item of clothing.

i'd be curious to hear about any of your bridal experiences as well, and so would other readers.  Please share! 


sissy terri