Bows on Her Panties

Today is probably the perfect day to take a break from another emotionally filled post.  The roller-coaster-like emotions i've felt this past week need to stabilize a little bit.  i've had some heart-to-heart talks with Diane and feel we're making progress.

i also appreciate all the comments that have been left on yesterday's post.  i have comment moderation on but i've posted every single one.  Thank you all for caring.  You can continue to share your thoughts there any time you want!

But for now, here is something that i think is really, really, really cute, sissy and oh so loving!


One of the hidden joys of having this blog is that it's given me an opportunity to make some wonderful friends on line.  A few of us share some rather intimate thoughts and ideas also so provide each other with a shoulder to lean on or a sympathetic ear to listen.

A newer sissy friend of mine is Penney.  The two of us recently realized that we have quite a bit in common other than being submissive sissies to our wives, but that's a whole other story.  Today i want to share something with all of you that Penney shared with me.  i found it to be incredibly beautiful, sexy and a powerful expression of a loving Female Led Relationship.

Penney shared this with me after reading my post about "The Femininity of Bows."  And she was also nice enough to include a couple of photos!  i hope you appreciate it as much as i did!

I wanted to add something to you bows post that I thought you might get a kick out of, but I wasn't
sure you would see it since the post is now several days past. I'm right now in the process of sewing a bow on a pair of panties. It is a little tradition that my wife/Mistress initiated after she has pegged me. I'm to sew a little bow on the panties or thong that was taken off or pulled down prior to the pegging. Actually any kind of penetration of me where I cum, (squirt is the word she uses.) because sometimes it's toys that she uses. :-) 

Each time I put on a pair of panties I have a very visual reference as to the number of times I have been taken in them; and so does she. Some panties--her faves have many many bows. Newly purchased panties await their, my, fate. "You will be bowed tonight," is her way of letting me know I'll be taken, the only way Mistress has sex with me. I have a large collection of different color bows that

I can choose from to match the panties they are going on. She says it makes her smile when she sees me in panties with many bows. It is a challenge for her, I think, to get the newer ones bowed. This is the second bow for the current pair, and the first bow of the new year! A bright red bow on lime green panties.

i have to say that i was completely overwhelmed with "sissy happiness when i read this.  This ritual (Penney refers to it as a tradition but i think it's something much deeper than that!) is one of the most beautiful and intimate of sissy tasks that a Dominant Wife could ask their submissive sissy husbands (or wives) to perform.  

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about is as Penney expressed so elegantly that "it makes her smile when she sees me in panties with man bows."   That smile speaks volumes about the depth of their relationship doesn't it.

And the best part?  The challenge Penney's wife sees to go the newer ones "bowed!"

Well Penney, here's my wishes that you get to sew many more bows onto all of your panties!


sissy terri