Making me Feel Feminine

The "testy" exchanges that took place between Diane and i have abated with calmer and more rational conversation taking place.  i'd say we're back to normal but facing a difficult decision.  i'm not the only one who may have to make a decision about how our relationship might evolve in the coming weeks.  Diane might too.  Let me explain.

On Thursday night, twenty four hours after our most heated "battles", Diane made it clear to me that She has absolutely no intentions of ever leaving me and that if i insisted, She would end the whole thing right now.  "your the most important thing in the whole world to me" was how She put it.  As i shared with a dear sissy friend, i thought it was a very powerful and loving moment.

Yes, Paul knows about the blog but i'm not afraid to post this here.  Diane's told him the same thing. 

Diane "worked a little late" last night.  Just late enough to spend some time with Paul.  i'm pretty sure i know what they talked about.  Would i have liked to be a fly on the wall?  Maybe.  But they deserve their privacy and time as well.

Late yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang.  We're in a gated community so it was either one of the neighbors or someone who had been let in at the gate.  i was dressed in some jeans and a white ladies blouse that was sheer enough so that my bra could be seen.  No way i was going to answer the door!
i peeked through the little eye-hole (i can't think of what the word for that is) and saw a young man holding a bouquet of flowers.

i didn't answer and he left the flowers at the front door.  When he was gone, i opened the door and brought them in.  The pink roses had a beautiful note that read "To my beautiful wife.  I'll love you always."

It didn't take long for the tears to start flowing.  Maybe it's because i'd cried so much over the last day or so.  Or maybe it's the femme in me that  lets me cry so easily.  Whatever it was, the flowers made me feel so feminine.

And this time, they were tears of happiness for whatever i decide, i know Diane will be by my side.


sissy terri