The Femininity of Bows

Bows.  Big bows.  Little bows.  Tiny bows.  Pink bows.  Pastel colored bows.  Bows in just about any color in the spectrum.  i love them all.

"Put a bow on it!"  Sounds yummy doesn't it?

Bows on bras.  Bows on panties. Bows on nighties.  Bows on babydoll pajamas (my favorite).  Bows on dresses.  Bows on garters.  Love it, love it, love it!

Do all sissies love bows?  Am i alone?

Why bows?  Why today?

Well, i was cleaning out a closet and came across a little girls dress i used to wear for Diane and it had a cute bow on the back of it along with a lace front bib apron.  Very sissy.

And, i've also been ruminating about how my cuckolding is about to change.  i'm anxious and don't want to drone on and on about it here, so the bows are a cute change of pace.


sissy terri