Panty "waste" and Pantywaists

Every sissy remembers their first visit to a Victoria's Secret.  i felt that i'd never been surrounded by so much feminine finery in all of my life.  The lingerie chain will always rank high on the list of my favorite stores.  As often as i've shopped there, i still get butterflies in my stomach when i go in there to buy something for myself or Diane.

But to be honest, i've never had a bad experience there.  The staff is always smiling, pleasant and helpful.  i get the feeling that they even enjoy helping and selling to crossdressers.  It wouldn't surprise me if many of them even enjoy buying panties and other unmentionables for their boyfriends or significant others.  But i digress.

Yesterday i found this interesting article from "Business Insider" magazine about Victoria's Secret.  What Happens To Victoria's Secret Underwear When You Return It  isn't necessarily a shocking revelation, but considering how many sissies out there who are reluctant or too shy to go in and buy panties, it certainly seems like a "panty waste!"

And for you sissy "pantywaists" reading this who might be in the shopping mood, do i have a sale for you!

Zulily is offering a six-pack set of beautifuly bras for only $34.99!!  That's not a misprint.  And the colors and selection are simply to die for.  There's plenty that are very sissy looking too, including my own personal favorites.  At first glance i thought they were polka dots (i have a thing for polka dots) but they're not.  However the houndstooth style is pretty similar and oozing with femininity.  Naturally, the pink one is my favorite!

Sunday is typically my favorite shopping day.  And even though we're not planning on heading to the mall today, i'm definitely going to take advantage of at least on online sale.  With Diane's permission of course.

Her lover Paul may even stop by today.  If he can't, he told Her to be ready for some phone sex.  That would be nice too.  We both really enjoyed it the last time!


sissy terri