Cuckolding Postponed

The semi-regular Wednesday afternoon tryst between Paul and Diane never materialized yesterday.  A big disappointment for them and likely on a smaller scale, a disappointment for me as well.  i think the longer time span between the meetings between the two of them in which i'm involved, the more my anxiety builds.  If they were to meet more regularly and i was always involved, i would be less nervous and less anxious. 

Diane may have been disappointed but wasn't upset.  She was busy as well and they both have jobs that can be highly stressful at times and yesterday was one of those days for the both of them.  "Why should I be upset" She said, posing a rhetorical question of sorts and before I could provide any response added "when I have my own orgasm-producing machine right here" as She touched my lips with Her pointing finger. 

It was a very dominant statement and gesture and sent a little tingle down between my legs.  The tingle turned into arousal which in turn, given my chastised state, turned into discomfort.  i stayed uncomfortable for a very long time because She immediately went up to the master bedroom.  i followed and used those sensual lips between Her legs. 

It was another greed day for Her on the chastity report.  Again, there was no pink for me despite Diane's best efforts with the strap-on.

At dinner, Diane hinted that Paul might be free this weekend and able to stop by on Saturday or Sunday.  "Would you like that?" She asked me.  "Not as much as You would" was my answer.  "You're right" She said with a chuckle. 

i did get this from Paul in response to my Chastity Report email this morning.


Sorry to disappoint yesterday.  I'll try to make it up to both of you soon.

Another tease, yet nothing set in stone.  That's fine because i haven't made any set plans for this weekend.  Diane makes them for me anyway.


sissy terri