Chastity Update

We're on our way back home in a short while and remarkably, while on this mini-vacation, i've remained in chastity throughout.  And even more surprising is that barring any "emergencies", by the time we get back home later this afternoon, i will have been in constant chastity for more than a week, with the exception of when i'm allowed out to bathe or shower.

i would never, ever have thought that i would ever be able to accomplish that.  Diane is very proud of me also.  Above all else, that's what is most important.  A Domme's satisfaction with their submissive is hard to quantify.  Even more difficult to explain is the submissive's own pleasure that is dervived by the Domme's satisfaction.  In a way, it's a cycle that pleases the other exponentially.

my percentage of time in chastity this month is in the high 90's.  And even though the year-to-date percentage barely moves each day as the numbers grow larger, it does creep up as i progress.  i know there will be setbacks and times where i just can't be in chastity.  Those times will make me more committed to the lifestyle when i can be locked.

The whole thing makes me wonder just how high the expectation will be in the future.  Will there be any changes?  Great demands?  Or maybe, something totally unrelated to chastity that will be expected of me.  Crazy thoughts, but that's how a sissy cuckold's mind works.  At least it's how mine does.


sissy terri