Orgasm Inequality

As i prepared today's Chastity Report for Diane and Paul, i added another green block to Diane's "Orgasm Column" and couldn't help but notice the growing disparity between Her green column and my pink one.  Of the twenty one days in March, fourteen have green blocks.  Only one has pink. 

The pink block represents the one, singular orgasm i enjoyed this month. On the other hand, Diane's green blocks rarely represent just one orgasm.  Like yesterday, She most often enjoys multiple orgasms during lovemaking, many times even insisting upon it.  Some women are multi-orgasmic.  Many men are not.  That's especially true of sissies in chastity.

Diane saw Paul briefly yesterday and it's unlikely She had an orgasm while they were together.  i didn't ask and She didn't tell.  When She got home we watched our local college team move on to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament and once the game was over, i was led immediately to the bedroom.

As i pleasured Her, i had many sissy thoughts on my mind which added to my arousal.  When i'm like that i wonder if Diane can tell by how i provide Her pleasure.  Does my arousal make me do a better job?  Does She wonder why?  My arousal was heightened yesterday by several factors and with my CB-3000 preventing any full erection, it seemed like my sexual frustration was mounting.

As Diane enjoyed Her orgasms (one was especially powerful) it was obvious my condition was of no concern to Her.  Nor should it be.  i'm the submissive.  There for Her pleasure.  It's not the meant to be the other way around.  Yet when it was over and She told me to get Her strap-on and harness, for a moment i sensed an expression of concern, or at least interest, for my sexual frustration.

"Get the strap-on and stuff.  Let's see what we can do" She said.  There were no instructions to remove the CB-3000.  It would stay on.  "Let's see what we can do" meant She was going to try to give me an orgasm while i was locked.  Something that has yet to happen.

i've read that orgasms while in chastity are possible.  While i've yet to experience one, i've come very close so i believe it can happen.  From my personal "close" experiences, i believe they come about as a result of a combination of things.  The eroticism of what's taking place at the time is obviously important, as is the mental state and thought process of the individual trying to experience the orgasm.  Sensual touching, teasing, verbal and other stimuli also play a role. 

Yesterday, i came close....very close.  Diane made sensual love to me with Her strap-on and seemed to say all the right things that put me into deep subspace and sissy heaven.  A couple of times i thought i was going to cum and even seem to feel a little bit of precum leaking out.  i came close, but didn't come.

Diane enjoyed our little session and made it a point to tell me.  "It's fun to use you this way" She said, "even when you don't cum" She laughed.  "Especially when you don't cum" She added in Her own teasing way.  "Don't worry about it" She said, "It's going to happen sooner or later."

i could have easily had an orgasm.  All Diane had to do was unlock me and take the CB off.  i would have exploded in less than a minute.  But that would have been the easy and simple thing to do. 

Chastity is the new reality here.  My orgasms aren't going to be easy and simple.

Neither are they going to be equal in number to Diane's.


sissy terri