The Phone Cuckold

Some things are kept secret between a wife, her lover and her cuckold.  In many cases, it's all secret.  The unsuspecting husband is a cuckold and the poor guy doesn't even know it.   That's one scenario of several scenarios.

As our own situation evolved, Paul became fully aware of my knowledge of his and Diane's affair.  He also knew about my submission to Diane and eventually, all the other things that submission entails.  Sexually, there's little he doesn't know.  And since then, i've become involved in some of their intimate activities.

There's still however, some things that go on between Diane and Paul that i'm either not involved in or fully aware of what's transpiring.  Sometimes Diane tells me, other times She doesn't.  It's totally up to Her.  There's also some things they discuss they i don't know about.  Thought it's difficult to accept at times, this intrigue is what also makes the situation so satisfying for a submissive like me, as perverse as it may sound.

Late yesterday afternoon, shortly before we went out for the evening, Paul called Diane and asked if She was in the mood for some phone sex.  He was, and not surprisingly that put Her in the same mood.  After their immediate schedules were coordinated, they agreed that Paul would call Her back in a half hour.

i assumed that i'd be asked to step out to give Diane the privacy She deserved.  i was wrong.  "I want you here" She told me.  i was told to strip and go put on a bra and panty set.  i hadn't brought any fancy matching bra and panty sets on this trip but managed to put on a white bra and some pink panties.  Diane didn't seem to mind my choice.  Then i waited for Paul to call.

i've often been with Diane in just bra and panties but this time i felt pretty silly.  i was there just waiting for Her lover to call, standing or sitting their in the bra and panty She wanted me to wear.  There was little conversation between Diane and i while we waited for the call, strangely adding to my embarrassment.  There was no foreplay, just the wait.  In chastity, i began to feel myself getting a bit bigger, the silly feeling was a humiliating one and that excited me.

Finally, Paul called and Diane went to lay down on the bed.  She was totally naked.  i stood there waiting for instructions.  She told Paul that "the sissy's here too.  Hope you don't mind."  Apparently he didn't.  She proceeded to tell him what I was wearing then in an apparent answer to a question about my chastity status said "Of course she's locked."  More humiliation.

Diane continued to talk to Paul but at the same time directed me onto the bed, summoning me with the pointing finger of Her right hand.  She spread Her legs, laid back onto a big pile of pillows and pointed between Her legs.  i began to kiss and lick Her there, where there was already a significant amount of wetness.

What came as a surprise was that after a few minutes, Diane, at what was definitely Paul's request, put Her phone on speaker.

"Good afternoon sissy" Paul's voice boomed over the speaker.  It was loud and i was fearful that guests in the hallway would hear.  Diane, also surprised at the volume, quickly adjusted the volume.

"No need to answer sissy.  Just continue what you're doing" Paul said and without skipping a beat continued talking to Diane.  Though i was now privy to their entire conversation and lovingly pleasing my wife with my mouth, i felt very insignificant to what was going on.

As they conversed, with Paul doing most of the talking, i could sense which words and phrases turned Diane on the most.  It was easy to tell.  i could feel and taste Her juices flowing, feel Her body twinge and hear Her reactions to his voice and his commands.

This wasn't one of those conversations that would be kept a secret to me.

i'm not allowed to share what was said by either Paul or Diane.  It's a secret.  But it was a secret between the three of us, not just the two of them.

Paul, with my help of course, was able to give Diane two orgasms during the phone call.  He was gracious enough to thank me, saying "it sounded like you did a real good job."

Admittedly, i did do a good job.  But i have to say, so did he.  It's obvious he really knows how to push Diane's buttons.


sissy terri