My Chastity Commitment

i spent much of yesterday doing some volunteer work, a situation that precludes me from wearing my chastity belt.  i could wear it, but it's better than i don't. So i spent a little less than 10 hours unlocked, bringing my monthly percentage down slightly.

The effect that chastity has had on me has been profound.  How i've handled this and the effect it's had on me has surprised both Diane and i.  For instance yesterday, as soon as i got back home the first thing i did was to get back into my CB-3000.  i've become very good at putting it on and i was locked in a matter of minutes.

The urge to "cheat" (or please myself like a sissy) was there and several months ago i would have no doubt succumbed to that urge.  But now, with almost three full months of chastity under my "belt" - thought you'd like that one - that same urge is overpowered by my commitment to chastity.

Last night shortly after pleasing Her and adding another orgasm in Her column on the Daily Chastity Report, i mentioned how i'd gotten back into chastity immediately upon my return from the volunteer assignment.  "That's what you're supposed to do isn't it?" was Her response.  Not that i was expecting a compliment because She's right, it is what we agreed upon and what i'm supposed to do in such situations.  i was just hoping She would share in my amazement at how well things have gone.  Eventually She did, sort of.

"Don't worry.  I don't take your chastity for granted" She said.   i wasn't quite sure what She meant by that, but was certain that it was said with much affection and love.

i sent out the Daily Chastity Report to Diane and Paul early this morning.  Diane was still sleeping and i'd forgotten that Paul was on call and possibly up and working this weekend until he fired back this quick response:


Your time in chastity this month is impressive despite yesterday's minor setback.  Also nice to see you took my earlier instructions to heart.  See you Wednesday?


The note surprised me and for a moment, i wasn't sure what he meant by his "earlier instructions."  Then i remembered that last month, he sent me a brief note telling me that my time in chastity for February needed improvement.  Paul's subtle display of his dominance in the note along with his teaser about this coming Wednesday has me aroused.

Coming from my Wife's lover, it's also pretty embarrassing.


sissy terri