My Chastity Secret

i wouldn't call it a nightmare, but the dream i was having caused me to wake up startled, a bit disoriented and afraid of what would happen next.  A few seconds later i realized where i was and suddenly felt relieved.

Rarely am i able to recall my dreams with much specificity or detail except in very small snippets.  When it comes to any "plot" or "storyline" to the dream, forget it.  Usually the little snippets i do remember come with very little context; nothing about what happened before the memorable incident. 

In this particular dream one of our best friends somehow either brushed up against my crotch, with her hand no less, and felt the bulge of my CB-3000.  Our friend Valerie immediately turned, looked at me and said "Oooohhh....Wow!" and smiled.  My immediate reaction was that Valerie thought it was an erection but when i saw Her whispering to Diane and giggling, i thought my chastity had been "outed."

All of this took place at "dream speed", a matter of moments where all these thoughts and things happen at once and then i woke up.  Before i was fully reoriented to my surroundings i had a strong urge to take off the chastity belt out of embarrassment.  Instead, like any submissive husband who wakes up in an aroused state when in chastity, i went to the bathroom and sat down to pee, waiting for some relief from the pressure within the restrictive cage.

The seeds for the dream were likely planted several weeks ago when Diane and i planned a vacation with our very best friends Rhett and Valerie.   After we'd done so, i mentioned to Diane that the vacation might be another week where my time in chastity might not be as high as usual.  She just laughed it off and said "We'll see."

We've very close to Rhett and Valerie and we've been friends for a very long time.  It won't be the first vacation we take together.  We've done it just the four of us and with our kids as well.  We're not swingers or anything, but we're very dear friends.

One of my initial concerns about being in chastity so much was whether or not it would be noticeable to others?  It didn't take long for Diane to convince me that it really wasn't.  i agreed.  Someone would have to be staring at my crotch for a while to detect anything different.  As a result i've become more comfortable wearing it most all the time.

The dream brought back concerns about the possibility, accidental or not, of someone feeling the very rigid shape of the chastity belt.  The panties i wear, or any type of underwear for that matter, provide no real protection to avoid discovery by touch.  Personally, i don't think it's easily mistaken for an erection.  If that happens, then what's next? Will they expect some sort of explanation?  What will they think?  If they question me, what am I to say?  It's all pretty unlikely, but it's been on my mind the past couple of days.

Right now, the only people who know that i'm in chastity are Diane, Paul and Diane's best friend Linda.  Of course, my "sissy sisters" know but that's different.

If someone were to discover my secret, i'm sure i wouldn't be the first submissive sissy it's happened to.  However, i'd much prefer my chastity remain a secret.


sissy terri