Office Intimacy

Not every cuckold is as lucky as i am.  i get to share in my Dominant Wife's pleasures in a very intimate way.  True, my in-person active and passive participation with Diane and Her lover Paul is rather recent but there was also plenty of "sharing" before this began a month or so ago. 

My knowledge of their affair and Diane's willingness to share intimate details and more with me helped feed my submissive cuckold urges.  Of course, Her needs were met as well.

In addition, the sex and intimacy between the two of them was not limited in scope to what took place in our marital bed.  Both of them have offices that afford them the space, privacy and safety where their sexual needs and desires can at least be temporarily fulfilled until they get to play in a more comfortable setting. 

Last month some time, Diane had me notate the days on which each of us enjoyed an orgasm on my daily Chastity Report.  The days Diane had orgasms are highlighted in green while mine are highlighted in pink.  It's Her own creative way to keep track of such things.   Yes, there's far more green than pink. 

Diane "worked" a little later than usual last night.  We were going to a local college basketball game and instead of coming home first She called and told me to meet Her near Her office where She usually parked Her car.  We'd go to the game together. 

As we drove to the game making small talk, Diane casually reminded me to "make today green for me" when i filled out the chastity report.  She did so with a smile on Her face.  She didn't have to say any more.

Her comment brought visions of She and Paul together in one of their offices.  i didn't know exactly what took place other than it resulted in Diane (and possibly Paul) enjoying an orgasm.  i think Diane often refrains from telling me specific details of Her office encounters with Paul to tease me and let my imagination run wild.  It works.

It was a short drive to the game from Diane's office, but one filled with thoughts of Diane and Paul playing passionately.

Cuckolds have vivid and lively imaginations.


sissy terri