Cuckold Frustrations

Today is Wednesday, better known as "Cuckold Day" here at our house.  It's the day that barring any scheduling conflicts, excessive workloads or any other of life's distractions, Diane gets to spend some late afternoon time with Her lover Paul here in our home. 

When it comes to their Wednesday afternoon "dates" there's not much that i'm told ahead of time.  Information is fed to me in pieces if at all and as Diane put it once before, it's "on a need to know basis."  Obviously, there's very little need for me to know. 

Now that my cuckolding is out in the open with Paul, the lack of certainty and all the ambiguity about what's going to take place on any given Wednesday can be very frustrating.  i'm beginning to think it's even more frustrating than it was before, when the full aspects of of my submission to Diane was revealed to Paul. 

It's just a little past noon here and i'm not even sure if Paul and Diane are coming over later this afternoon.  Diane wasn't sure this morning when She left, indicating that both She and Paul had very full schedules today but that i should go about my day as usual, planning for them to be here around 3:00 PM or shortly thereafter.

"My day" as Diane puts it is a rather full one.  The list of things to do is longer than usual, even though it doesn't include a trip to Victoria's Secret that Paul alluded to in an email to me a few days ago.  That's another frustration, since he hasn't corresponded since.  i've also got plenty of laundry to do, a pile that includes many of Diane's "summer clothes" that were taken out because of the warming weather.  Much of it has to be ironed as well.  There were errands to run which i completed this morning so that i could change into my maids uniform for the indoor domestic duties. 

And so i wait.  There's still plenty to do and it's unlikely i'll be done by the time they arrive if they come at all.  The workload makes me wonder if Diane planned it that way so that when they were here making love in our bed, Her sissy wife would be busy doing chores in Her maids uniform - a heavy dose of sissy cuckold humiliation.  Or maybe She wanted to keep me busy in case they didn't show up.

i always over-think these things.  It's my personality and it's who i am.  And part of it is my craving for attention.  All submissives need it i suppose.  Diane says it's my poorly-disguised attempts to "top from the bottom."

Whatever it is, She takes full advantage of it.


sissy terri