Tallying Orgasms

A few days ago Mick from Under Contract to My Wife left a comment to my post on Orgams Inequality.  The post was about how, as a result of my being locked in chastity, i've only been allowed to have one orgasm this month while Diane up to that point had enjoyed fourteen days on which she had one or more orgasms.

Mick was shocked that Diane had only had four orgasms through twenty-one days.  Here's his comment:

I'm wondering how Diane can only have 14 orgasms in 21 days? Mistress Molly rarely goes a day without 1 or 2. Is Paul restricting her orgasms the way she restricts yours?
i really can't leave Mick's question unanswered, nor could i respond appropriately without talking to Diane about it.  First, i needed to know if i Diane had told me about every orgasm She had (those that She might enjoy with Paul when i'm not present are conveyed to me and i put then on the Chastity Report) and second, i wanted to get Her thoughts on having "only 14 orgasms in 21 days."  And we also talked about Paul and if he'd ever restricted Her orgasms.  It was an interesting discussion.  And lastly, i also did some research over at the Under Contract to my Wife blog to verify Mick's claims.

Let's start with my research.  Admittedly, it wasn't exhaustive (the blog has been around for awhile and probably has more than 1500 posts.  But with few if any exceptions, Mick's claims appear to be quite accurate with little exaggeration.  His Mistress Molly seems to be a sex machine, an-orgasm producing dynamo that puts even very sexually active women like Diane to shame.   "Two-a-days" as they're referred to over there are routine.  Some of the orgasms even take place in Mick's office at lunch time.  Really.

Diane was even impressed but did admit that "there was at least one orgasm" She failed to tell me about "and maybe another."  She also put up a slight defense for Her meager number compared to Molly's:  "I have a very busy full time job and schedule you know.  I think my numbers are pretty good.  And it's not like I have access to Paul every day either."  That last comment kind of hurt a little.

"You do know that i'm always available" i added.  i couldn't let that last comment just hang there.

"Not always.  Sometimes you're gone and the timing with Paul isn't good.  Maybe I should do the solo thing like you used to before we got that under control."  OUCH.  It's true that my masturbatory habit has come to a dead stop since January 1st, but She didn't have to put it that way.

Diane does have plenty of toys to play with (yes, i'm one of them) and could certainly find something to suit Her if neither Paul or i were around.  So why not suggest it?

"That's not a bad idea.  But I still don't think I could match those numbers."  We both laughed which put the conversation in its proper context; sexy, fun and under Her control.

Last night when Diane got home from work i was told to go get a specific toy out of Her closet.  i think it was called a "rabbit vibrator" or something like that.  It has a funny little protrusion at the tip and it can also rotate in circles among other options.  "Just lay it on the bed and I'll be up in a few minutes."

Diane did use the toy for a bit.  But in the end, it was "old reliable" that sent Her swooning.  She tasted so good.  Another green day on the Chastity Report.


sissy terri