Women's Work - It's For Sissies Too!

It's going to be a pretty busy weekend, one made busier by the fact that i was away at a conference most of the day yesterday.  It was right here in town so i at least i didn't have to travel, but it took time away from my "housewife" duties.  We've also got a few things going on over the next couple of days which will also detract from my housework.  No matter how busy we get, those duties remain my responsibility and i have to get them done.

Two recent and rather significant additions to our lifestyle, chastity and my involvement with Diane and Her lover Paul, seem to have taken up most of the space on this blog and for good reason.  They were both very emotionally challenging issues to deal with.  Far more difficult than hand washing the lingerie, ironing, laundry, dusting, washing the bathrooms and vacuuming! 

A few years ago when i was recently retired and we were at a cocktail party, Diane said to no one in particular how nice it was to have a husband who was retired. "The house is always nice and clean when i get home and all the housework's done" was how She put it.  One of the men in our circle grumbled "Ahhh....that's women's work.  I'd have to find something else to do!"  His wife then joked that he'd rather trip over his own clothes on the floor than pick them up.  There was a little laughter before we moved on to another and far more interesting topic, but there was also a loving look and smile from Diane.

i suppose in many of today's modern marriages domestic duties are shared equally among both spouses.  As such, the term "women's work" might seem very outdated, old-fashioned and sexist.  i'd have to agree.

i like the term though.  i also think that in many ways, ours is a modern marriage also.  It's one where traditional spousal roles are eschewed for something different.  One where i as the male embrace the challenge of taking on what used to be viewed as exclusively the woman's responsibilities.

But in the midst of all that's happened here the past several months, i've continued to fulfill my domestic responsibilities.  All the woman's work i have to do is far less exciting and sexually thrilling
than the cuckolding, chastity and other aspects of Diane's domination over me.  As routine as it is, it never becomes totally mundane.  i always get to wear something feminine and pretty to do housework.  It's a reminder of who i am and the role i've lovingly accepted.

i also have "wifey" responsibilities in the bedroom.  i get to dress pretty for those too!


sissy terri