St. Patrick's Day Sissies

Everyone is Irish today (or so they say) and with the obligatory wearin' of the green, sissies should take at least one day off from their favorite pastel color or colors and slip into panties that befit the day!

Over at The Sissy Sisters blog, our sister Penney pays a special tribute to green panties and the like with a "parade" of her personal St. Patrick's Day panties.  And most of those panties come adorned with some pretty bows which, if you read about their significance on Penney's panties on this post, you'll understand why Penney is always so happy!

And speaking of our new blog, i'm absolutely elated to announce the addition of another beautiful sissy sister to our editorial staff.  This sissy comes with one of the most extensive resumes when it comes to sexy, sensual and sissy blogging.  Effective today, Leeanne Montgomery has joined The Sissy Sisters and we're elated and excited to have her join us.  Leanne and i are kindred spirits with nearly identical fantasies and lifestyles.  The way she expresses those fantasies in unparalleled in the sissy blogger world.  i'm sure her posts on the new blog are going to arouse and excite you.  Thank goodness i'm in chastity!

Welcome Leeanne....hugs and kisses to you!!!

There's a bit of a downer when it comes to my own cuckolding situation this week.  i'm going to be away from home on Wednesday when Paul comes over to be with Diane.  It's been awhile since he's been here and despite all my past anxiety and nervousness, i was looking forward to once again serving the two of them.  Instead, i'm experiencing pangs of jealousy.  i'll be in a distant city while Paul provides Diane with the pleasures She can only get from "a real man."

In the meantime, i've got my green panties on (sorry, no bows on them) but realize i should have
planned ahead for this special day. 

i'd feel much prettier (and like a bigger sissy than i already am) if i had ordered a pair of these beautiful St. Patty's green ruffled panties with a beautiful sissy bow.

Definitely next year!


sissy terri