Cuckold & Housewife Duties

For most men (real men) three days away on a business trip doesn't mean they return to a few days worth of housework.  Maybe for some, but not many.  It's different for a submissive who's in a situation like mine.

There's plenty to do.  There's a few days worth of laundry, some ironing, dusting and plenty of errands to run.  i have to go to the grocery store, the hardware store and the dry cleaners.  The trip to the hardware store isn't to pick up anything that would require manly skills, unless changing light bulbs falls into that category.  No, none of my tasks today remotely resemble anything masculine.

It may not sound like too much to do, but it's compounded by the fact that i'm going to be gone most of today because of a monthly volunteer commitment.  The housework will be waiting for me when i get home.

There's one particular task however that's always more "significant" than the others.  It's significant because of the powerful symbolism it carries.  It speaks volumes about our relationship and my status.  And it's a task i've already performed because Diane insisted i get it completed last night.

The task?  Changing the sheets in our bed.  i do it regularly so it's no big deal.  But having to do it after Diane and Paul have made love in our marital bed is a big deal.

This time, i changed the sheets a full day after they made love on Wednesday.  Since i was away i couldn't do it on Wednesday evening.  Diane purposely waited until i returned so that i could change the sheets.

Diane could have done it herself.  She used to change the sheets but it's been a long time since She's done it.  As a Dominant Wife with a submissive sissy wife of Her own, She doesn't have to.

i believe Diane enjoys the significance that the task now carries.  With Paul making regular visits, it's likely i'm going to be the only one changing the sheets in our bed.


sissy terri